Icewear Vezzo Net Worth

Net Worth:$1 Million
Name:Icewear Vezzo
Date of Birth:October 31, 1989
Icewear Vezzo Net Worth 2024

The Icewear Vezzo net worth is so interesting to be revealed. It is because based on the data, the value is always increasing every year, is that true?

He is known as the American singer and rapper who was born in 31 of October 1989. He was born in Detroit and got the fame after releasing the mix tape trilogy that is called The Clarity.

Now, Icewear Vezzo is becoming the newest mainstream superstar in the city. He is at the same position like other big names such as Big Sean and for sure, Eminem.

You can note that Vezzo has a lot of fans. Before, he was sentenced to twenty years in jail due to the gun case for his music career. However, then he has been released from the jail in 2017.

The Icewear Vezzo net worth

For your information, this talented rapper has released many singles and made a collaboration with some popular musicians. It makes his name is more famous in that industry.

The Icewear Vezzo net worth in 2024 is around $1 million US dollar. He got that money from various sources such as streams, album sales, merchandise, and performing in many shows.

Now, Vezzo is more focusing on his music career. It seems that he will become one of the top rappers such as big Sean and Eminem. However, he also has other income sources so far.

Those are from personal investments, YouTube channel, and Endorsments. His annual income is now more than $400,000.

The Early Life

Icewear Vezzo net worth
Icewear Vezzo net worth

Besides the Icewear Vezzo wealth, his early life also becomes an information that is looked for. At around 5 years old, his family moved to east side of Detroit.

That was the same location where Eminem was from. Little Vezzo’s life was not easy because he has ever involved in selling drugs since the childhood period.

He began to make the rap music for the first time at 8 years old. Then at 12 years old, he began to write the first song and started to find many ways to earn money.

The example was he used to work in the different retail stores when he was 14 years old. He has ever sold weed as well.

Career Development

The high Icewear Vezzo wealth Is caused by his amazing career development. Here is how the career of this rapper is developed.

1. The Clarity 2

Clarity is the first debut mix tape that this rapper made and it was released in 2012. Then, Vezzo dropped the second mix tape called “The Clarity 2”.

It contains the early breakthrough track called Money Phone. After that, he went to the prison and then he made an album named “Price Goin Up”.

2. Other Projects

Then Icewear Vezzo also recorded and released some projects. Those were the Robin Seasons and the Clarity 6. The newest album that he released is called the Rich of pints 2.

This was both appearances Future and Moneybagg Yo as well. He also kick started a media production company namely “Iced up Records”.

Vezzo was married to Kiara Marie where they are now having 2 kids. With his fame, the Icewear Vezzo wealth can continue to raise.

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