Monica Lewinsky Net Worth

Net Worth:$50 Million
Name:Monica Lewinsky
Date of Birth:July 23, 1973
Profession:American activist
Monica Lewinsky net worth 2024

How much the Monica Lewinsky net worth 2024 is? She is becoming a famous celebrity right now due to her scandal with Bill Clinton before.

Actually, she is a television personality, American activist, fashion designer, and also a former white house intern. Based on a source, Monica could earn million of dollars by offering the paid interviews.

It is especially for media outlets, doing the investment activities and publishing some books. Below is the further thing you should know about a woman named Monica Lewinsky.

Monica Lewinsky Net Worth 2024

For this year or in 2024, her network is around $41 million up to $50 million. That number has grown by 65% before or over the past decade.

The most shocking news about her was when President Clinton admitted that he had an affairs with Monica. It was especially when she worked at the White House during the year of 1995-1996.

That scandal was one of the causes of why the Monica Lewinsky net worth 2024 is still huge. She got the national fame and that made her really rich.

Since that news; she always dated several rich businessmen as well. They are usually her partner and spokesperson of the products made by a company.

Monica’s Inheritance

Monica Lewinsky net worth
Monica Lewinsky net worth

Monica itself is from a wealthy family. Her mother was a successful author while her father was a renowned doctor. Meanwhile, her grandparents are also the rich jews.

That is why; Lewinsky can reach up to $9 million within a trust fund from her family’s estate. These are included the real estate properties, art & antiques, and cash money.

You can say that she was born rich. This inheritance money account for about 20 % for the Monica Lewinsky net worth 2024.

Other Interesting Facts

Besides the thing above, you may want to know about some interesting facts that she has. Below is more information about her assets, cars, and so on.

1. The cars collection

Recently, she bought the brand new Porsche 911 that cost her $280,000 USD. She also own the Rolls Royce ghost at a price of $950,000 USD.

Besides that, she also purchased some other luxury cars such as the Toyota Vellfire , Range Rover Autobiography, Lexus GX, BMW X9, and Audi Q8.

2. The House

The spectacular Monica Lewinsky net worth 2024 value made her is able to buy a big house. Now she is living in a luxury house with the size of 13,000 square foot.

That house is located in Sacramento, California. Before, she has been bough this property at a price of $8 million USD.

3. School and Education

Monica attended the Santa Monica College before where it is known as a two-year college. She was 24 years old when she started to work at the White House.

Her assets are five house properties that she got from her family. He also bough 2 more apartment by using her savings. The houses are located in New York and California.

She rents the houses and gets $1 million for rental income every year. The whole real estates value in $7 million and it accounts for 14% of the Monica Lewinsky net worth 2024.

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