10 Most Expensive Engagement Ring in the World

A ring that will last a lifetime, so it doesn’t matter if it’s the most expensive engagement ring in the world; someone will pay for it. But if you don’t know who has the most expensive engagement ring, we’ll share the info.

Regarding the most expensive engagement rings, it’s no wonder celebrities will be at the top. Rings clad in gold and adding diamonds on the top are the hallmarks of these expensive rings and are crafted in the finest metals and precious stones.

Dazzling engagement rings will also come with a stunning price. According to many people, engagement rings usually cost around $5500, and 18% of people in the world invest more than $10,000. And only about 1% are paying millions for it.

However, because they already have a vast amount of money and it is considered that this ring carries emotion and is a symbol of love, people sometimes don’t care how much they have to pay, and this will also be interesting for you to know.

Top 10 Most Expensive Engagement Ring in the World

As of today, celebrities dominate the list below. They don’t hesitate to spend millions of dollars or even more just to get married. And from other accessories in a wedding, engagement rings are considered to have the highest value.

Engagement rings are not only pieces of metal but also a symbol of love and commitment from all parties. We have tried to round up such 10 rings that have spectacular prices, and this is a list of the 10 most expensive engagement ring in the world, such as:

10. Vanessa Bryant – $4 Million

Vanessa Bryant
Vanessa Bryant | Source: www.bet.com

At number 19 in the most expensive engagement ring, there is a ring given by Kobe Bryant to Vanessa Bryant. This is a custom-designed ring, and since Kobe’s death, its value has also increased. With a square-cut purple diamond, this is the perfect ring.

9. Jennifer Lopez – $4.5 Million

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez | Source: www.diamondhedge.com

Jennifer Lopez also owned a ring when engaged to Marc Anthony. He got a rare blue diamond ring designed by Harry Winston. This ring looks very standout with a unique style which increases the value of this precious stone.

Jennifer Lopez is said to have sold all the jewelry from her marriage to Anthony, but not the most expensive engagement ring in the world. This blue diamond is said to be still held by J.Lo, and its value continues to increase from time to time.

8. Paris Hilton – $4.7 Million

Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton | Source: www.brides.com

Paris Hilton already has 4 engagement rings, but the second engagement to Greek Shipping heir Paris Latsis is on our list. Paris was later authorized off this ring for the victim of Hurricane Katrina and sold it for $4.7 million for a 24-carat white diamond.

7. Beyonce – $5 Million

Beyonce | Source: blog.jamesallen.com

Beyonce got a flashy emerald cut diamond ring on a spit shank platinum band from Jay Z, and at that time, the ring obtained in 2008 increased in value to 5 million dollars. The ring is locked in a safe because it is number 7 in the most expensive engagement ring in the world.

6. Anna Kournikova – $5.4 Million

Anna Kournikova
Anna Kournikova | Source: www.gemsny.com

Anna was spotted wearing an alluring canary yellow diamond ring in 2009, which is believed to be a gift from Enrique Inglesias. This was a second engagement ring or deserved to be called a wedding ring because this couple lives their personal and private lives.

With a gemstone canary yellow diamond and a radiant cut, the ring was initially valued at $5.4 million but quickly rose to $7.5 million. The golden yellow color in this engagement ring comes from diamonds with 11-carat for most expensive engagement ring in the world.

5. Elizabeth Taylor – $8.8 Million

Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor

The engagement ring worn by Elizabeth Taylor is also included in the top 10 most expensive engagement rings in the world. It features a 33-carat Krupp diamond with an Asscher cut. The diamond used is also a white diamond with a 33-carat weight.

4. BVLGARI – $9.5 Million

BVLGARI | Source: luxe.digital

Blue Diamond 5.4 carat BVLGARI which ranks 4th in the most expensive engagement ring in the world. With this total carat, the weight is hefty, and the price tag is also considered reasonable. The diamond’s brilliant cut also adds to this ring’s value.

Bulgari designed this showstopper before being purchased by the House of Graff. Blue diamonds are scarce, so don’t be surprised if they are in the top 4 of the priciest rings. Plus, the BVLGARI brand adds value to a much more expensive ring.

3. Mariah Carey – $10 Million

Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey | Source: www.insider.com

The ring Mariah Carey wore when engaging with Australian Businessman James Packer was also unique. Their love story is short-lived, but the platinum set ring is a timeless design and is the most expensive engagement ring in the world.

It says that the ring was purchased for $10 million, but Carey is selling the engagement ring for $2.1 million. This 35-carat white diamond is also added with an emerald-cut cut, which certainly looks luxurious.

2. Jackie Kennedy Onassis – $20 Million

Jackie Kennedy Onassis
Jackie Kennedy Onassis | Source: www.fairfaxandroberts.com.au

Jackie Kennedy Onassis is also a ring that is very expensive and has become the most expensive engagement ring in the world. You need to pay around $ 20 million for this ring, and the white diamond owned by Jackie Kennedy Onassis is costly.

Became a 601-carat Lesotho III diamond engaged by Greek Billionaire Aristotle Onassis, it was auctioned off for 2.6 million USD in 1996. However, over time, its value entered $20 million, making it the top 2 of the 10 most expensive engagement rings in the world.

1. Grace Kelly – $38.8 Million

Grace Kelly
Grace Kelly | Source: www.jewelsbygrace.com

Prince Rainer initially proposed to Grace with a ring crafted from Diamonds and Rubies. This ring depicts Monaco’s crown jewels weighing 10.48 carats. Prince commissioned emerald-cut diamond to be made by Cartier and become most expensive engagement ring in the world.

Two baguette-cut side diamonds flank the diamond. Initially, it was purchased for $4 million in 1956. Now, however, it is estimated to cost around $38.8 million—the collection belonging to the House of Grimaldi with white diamonds and emerald-cut on the sides.

Diamonds will be the best jewelry there is. However, if the gemstone were added to the ring, it would be highly valued. No wonder you can buy the most expensive engagement ring in the world; maybe Grace Kelly’s is the most expensive.

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