10 Most Expensive Jordans in the World in Sneakers History

Jordan has ranked high in the Sneakers Industry, but there are still 10 most expensive Jordans in the world that can be owned. It doesn’t have to be a sneakerhead to get to know Jordan Shoes because it is today’s Holy Grail of the Sneakers Industry.

Jordan is a brand supported by Nike on the base of Michael Jordan. The Holy Grail of Sneakers is known as something exciting and also supportive. Every day, there must be millions of pairs of Jordan sold throughout the World.

Handing out a Jordan is also not wrong because the goat of basketball, Michael Jordan himself, works this lineup. In addition, Jordan is always considered to have a strong influence in the World of fashion sneakers, so they will be suitable for all your outfits.

Without Further Ado, the Most Expensive Air Jordans in History is sold in thousands of pairs. However, sneakerheads will be quick to buy it. But for those who want to buy this expensive Jordan, no longer EPRLU to wear it, only for collection needs.

10 Most Expensive Jordans in the World

Jordan is known as a brand that is already very popular, but it is always in the hearts of people and sneaker collectors. Air Jordans are the Holy Grail of Sneakers, so the purchase of the Top 10 most expensive Jordans in the world will be an enhancer in your collection:

10. Air Jordan 2 OG – $31,000

Air Jordan 2 Og Adlaah Mystery Pair has been sold at a price of up to $ 31,000 in an eBay Auction. This Shoe is not produced anymore, so scarcity makes it expensive. And these shoes have a story behind the design and are related to the natural injury’s foot.

Nike Designers Decided to Change The Design F The Air Jordan for Him to Give Him More Support. Underwent a complete redesign with Lizard Skin and Loss of the Swoosh Logo. It becomes one of most expensive Jordans in the world.

9. Air Jordan Silver Shoe Autographed – $60,000

Air Jordan Silver Shoe Autographed is unique for many reasons. These are not the shoes that Jordan in a game once used, but rather because they are rare. There are only 10 Pairs of this Silver Shoe Ever Made, making it difficult to find and very Expensive.

What is sold at the price of 60 thousand USD is signed by Michael Jordan? What makes these shoes more special is Jordan’s Wife Gave Him the Shoes as a present for his 32nd Birthday. In Collector’s Eyes, the prices took up the meaning behind this Piece of Shoes.

8. Air Jordan 10 Ovo Drake Collection – $100,000

Owning the Air Jordan 10 Ovo Drake Collection will be a special. The Ovo Collection was initially listed at $225. But the Pair Went $100,000 in an Auction but was given free to Lucky Fan at the Toronto Raptor’s Drake Night to be most expensive Jordans in the world.

7. Air Jordan 12 “Flu Game” – $104,000

Air Jordan 12 is known as a failure Jordan, with a design that could be better. But what significantly influenced the World of Snekars is the Air Jordan 12 “Flu Game,” where Jordan has Worn This Flue Game during Game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals.

Alasan named Flue Game because Jordan, at that time, was Violently Ill but could lead the bulls to victory. Over the years, it has been included in the Auction, and the price closed at $ 104,000 and became the Top 7 most expensive Jordans in the world.

6. Air Jordan 11 SPACE SAMPLE Hours – $176,400

Air Jordan 11 SPACE SAMPLE Hours with Tem a New Legacy is an unworn Jordan auctioned off at $ 176,400. Sale Speaks Volume from Jordan 11 is the cause. But because it is only a sample, Jordan 11 Space Water is more suitable to be a collection.

5. Air Jordan 1 Chicago Broken Foot – $422,000

It will not be complete if, in the List of most expensive Jordans in the world, there is no water Jordan 1. And in order 5, we can see the Air Jordan 1 Chicago Broken Foot. In October of 1985, Jordan Suffered his first significant injury when against Golden State Warriors.

Since then, Jordan has missed the majority of the season. But, the Air Jordan 1 Chicago’s that Jordan wore in his final game of 1985 made their way to auction block. Whenever there is a behind IT story, it will immediately increase the price, including the one sold at $ 422K.

4. Air Jordan 1 Chicago Worn & Autographed Game – $560,000

Air Jordan 1 Chicago Game Worn and Autographed Originated from Jodan Air which uses it as a cultural icon. MJ’s Impact in Sneaker History makes this game world auction off over half a million dollars and enter the list of most expensive Jordans in the world.

3. Air Jordan 1 Chicago Shattered Backboard – $610,000

Air Jordan 1 SHATTERED BACKBOARD HAS SKYROCKETED Since 2015. Now it is Selling Upwards Oof $ 1500 on Stockx. However, after resurfacing and auctioning off again, it sold for $ 610k.

2. Air Jordan 1 Chicago Dunk Sole – $1,012,500

Air Jordan 1 Chicago Dunk Sole is sold at $ 1,012,500. The story behind this Jordan is due to the modifications of Jodan 1 water but with the sole of a Nike dunk. And in February 2022, yesterday, these shoes ranked second in most expensive Jordans in the world.

1. Solid Gold Ovo X Air Jordans – $2,000,000

Here we are, in the first place, of Jordan Air’s most expensive. The most expensive Jordans in the world ever made the rapper drake’s custom-made solid gold OVO x Jordan brand Jordan 10’s. And this reportedly paid $ 2.1 million for artist Matt Senna to Create Them.

Since these kicks weigh in at over 100 pounds, this Canadian rapper can wear this art piece too, but it is one of a kind that is exposed. This Become Thecolaborarion with Nike, which has been able to go out of the sneaker world industry until now.

Jordan has been popular with an exciting sneaker worth having. However, The Jordan can also be an art piece because it requires time and creativity to create them. But, most expensive Jordans in the world can be purchased without waiting long.

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