Shane Van Gisbergen Net Worth

Net Worth:$4.7 Million
Name:Shane Van Gisbergen
Date of Birth:May 9, 1989
Profession:Motorsports Racing Driver
Nationality:New Zealand
Shane Van Gisbergen Net Worth 2023

Shane Van Gisbergen Net Worth 2023 will be high since he is a three-time champion. With the Red bull team, he improved his performance and got a salary that is one of the highest in auto racing. But how much is the net worth of the racer?

Shane Van Gisbergen, everyone will admire the journey to the success of this racer from New Zealand. He is a driver in the current Supercars Championship. He built this remarkable career alone, and everyone needs to see his incredible talent and achievements.

The racer is 34 years old and still, a solid driver who has competed in many events. He is considered to have still a few years left before retiring. For personal life, he is dating Jessica Dane, a co-owner of Triple Eight Racing with the V8 Supercars.

He was born on 9 May 1989 in Auckland, New Zealand. With a height of 1.88 m, this is a help for a career in the racing world. But besides that, it’s also important to know that his net worth has been significantly growing this season, and racing is not the only source of income.

He Receives Nearly a Million in Salary Each Year, and Shane Van Gisbergen Net Worth 2023 Equals $4.7 Million.

Shane Van Gisbergen Net Worth
Shane Van Gisbergen Net Worth

According to our data, he was paid 6-figure careers combined with some key takeaways. His prediction, he will earn around $500,000 per year from race winning. Apart from that, there is also income from numerous brand sponsorship deals.

He spends much time away from home, like Supercars Championship drivers. With such a high fee, this racer from New Zealand bought an impressive house and sports cars. While Shane Van Gisbergen Net Worth 2023 is said to reach $3 Million to $5 Million.

There is also a prediction that Shane’s compensation in one year is worth $1 million. But for now, Shane and Triple Eight Race Engineering remained silent on the payment details. This also relates to the quest for professionalism and privacy.

How Much Does Shane Van Gisbergen Make

Shane Van Gisbergen’s career journey to what it is now is, of course, challenging. As for his career journey and being able to achieve the pay he is currently receiving, the highlights are:

1. Motorsport Praise

Shane Van Gisbergen Net Worth 2023 cannot be separated from fans and competitors. He came over from New Zealand if he is also capable in that sport. So this is also what attracts sponsors from Australian and New Zealand brands to pay for it.

2. Motorsport Controversy

Controversy is evident in the racer’s career. To date, Shane Van Gisbergen has only been involved in 1 incident, in 2018, to be precise. He spun his wheels during a pit stop at the Auckland Super Sprint at Pukekohe and did not receive a penalty.

3. Champion

Shan Van Gisbergern is a racing driver in the Supercars Championship racing in the Number 97 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 car for Triple Eight Race Engineering. He has had three championship wins (2016, 2021, and 2022) for 80 and 46 pole positions.

Shane Van Gisbergen is, of course, no stranger to fans of car racing. He is currently working with Triple Eight Race Engineering. As a world champion, Shane Van Gisbergen Net Worth 2023 in 2023 is predicted to reach $3 million to $5 million.

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