10 Most Expensive Charizard Cards in the World

Pokemon video game fans are naturally curious about the most expensive Charizard cards in the world. The game created by Satoshi Tajiri, a Japanese coder and video game creator, developed Pokemon for Nintendo.

A little history about Pokemon, a game created by Satoshi Tajiri: at first, the story of the Pokemon did not lead to success until the game caught on and found a huge fan base. Since then, the Pokemon franchise has continued to experience rapid growth.

This game is played on Nintendo to cell phones in the digital world. The Pokemon franchise remains popular today, and various games are easy to find. Now, the digital world of Pokemon has moved to the trend of Pokemon trading cards, which aren’t usually expensive.

However, several varieties are rare, and this makes the price increase. And because of that, Pokemon is known for its unique characters and leave such an impression on the fans. Charizard is one of the biggest cards in leaving an appearance on the fans.

10 Most Expensive Charizard Cards in the world

Some people say Charizard is the Holy Grail in the Pokemon world, even though it’s a firebreathing character. However, its unique character made this card enter a broader fan market, causing lists in different segments.

This means that there are more unique varieties of cards. The Charizard character card mentioned catching the priciest cards status in the Pokemon Trading Card. However, for the most expensive Charizard cards in the world, here are some of them you can collect:

10. Charizard-Holo STAFF Black Star Promo – $5,600

With a price of around 5,600 USD, this card, just released in 2019, immediately entered the list of the 10 most expensive Charizard cards. This card was kept from the public directly. So rarity makes this card pricey

This version of the Charizard card is scarce, and it is unclear how many were sold. But if it comes in good condition, it immediately becomes the most expensive Charizard cards in the world. But if it comes with lower grades, those cards will still be sold for thousands.

9. Dark Charizard-Holo 1st Edition Nintendo Pokémon Rocket – $6,500

This is the Famous 1st edition, and this card was released in 2000. Dark Charizard is also a rare item and is one of the collectors’ favorite versions. The prices were also re-adjusted for condition but sold for an average of $6,500.

This Dark Cahrizard-Holo 1st edition Nintendo Pokemon Rocket is one of the most expensive Charizard cards in the world. In this version, it’s stated that Charizard only has 80 HP, which is ridiculously low, but the scarcity drives up the price.

8. Charizard Japanese Basic Card $13,900

This is the Charizard Japanese Basic Card at number 8 on the list. It featured Japanese writing and was printed in 1996. The card’s language and exciting design make this card popular among US trading card collectors and become a big part of its value.

The card was made right at the beginning of the Pokemon trading card phenomenon. The collector must now pay around $13,900 for this version of the card. This card also holds a significant part of the game’s history, so it’s no wonder the price is high.

7. STAFF Charizard-Holo #11 $17,000

STAFF Charizard Holo #11 ranks 7th in the most expensive Charizard cards in the world. This is another rare STAFF Card that was released in 2016. There were only a few editions of STAFF printed before December 2020. Production and copies of this card were discontinued.

6. Skyridge Charizard – $18,000

With a total price of $ 18,000, this rare card type immediately becomes a collector’s item. There are only 38 copies of this Charizard card, and it instantly becomes a target. With this version of Skyridge, you can collect the items but need to pay $18,000 upfront later.

5. Shining Charizard From Neo Destiny – $25,100

Shining Charizard From Neo Destiny became part of an early Pokemon Set released in 2002. The card’s value is around $25,100, and only eight cards are in this category. Today, the card is said to have a price increase from the previous selling price possibly.

The price increase is because this one of the most expensive Charizard cards in the world only has 11 cards. It shows how important this card is, and you can buy and collect the other versions for specific uses like collections.

4. Charizard-Holo From the Legendary Collection – – $30,000

Charizard Holo from the Legendary Collection is worth around $30,000, which is part of a country-specific released in 2002. This card was previously released on May 24, 2022. This collection was also only released on European markets, which is very rare.

This set was never even offered in Japan and is a unique option for a collection. In addition, Charizard0Holo from the Legendary Collection can be sold at a lower price if it is in poor condition. But this is still one of the most expensive Charizard cards in the world.

3. Japanese Topsun Charizard – $37,600

The Japanese Topsun Charizard has a value of around $37,600 for the set, which only retails for about 60 yen per pack or 50 cents. Cards released in 1997 are scarce. Even though it was purchased with a cheap Topsun pack, it immediately became the expensive collection item.

2. Gold Star EX Dragon Frontiers Charizard – $60,065

The Gold Star EX Dragon Frontiers Charizard has a value of $60,065 and is a rare gold star type. The card year is 2006, and only 27 gold star cards have ever been made.

 Gold Star is known for its unique and easily recognizable design to be one of the 2nd most expensive Charizard cards in the world. But, are interested in buying it?

1. 1999 1st Edition Charizard-Holo – – $420,000

Now we come to the top of the list for the Charizard card, and it sells for $420k, which is a fantastic price. This is part of the original US set, released in 1999. Auctioned in PWCC Marketplace, this Charizard card immediately became the target of many collectors.

Charizard is a character in the game Pokemon who is also the most popular. This is proven by the fact that Charizard holds the most expensive trading card. The most expensive Charizard cards in the world can even touch $420,000.

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