10 Most Expensive Football Transfers in the World

It is really interesting to know the record of most expensive football transfers in the world. Since football is a popular and having a high-prestige, many clubs want to get the best players ever.

Usually, they have to spend a lot of money to buy that footballer from his previous club. For a huge and rich club, this thing is not a problem. All they want is to become a champion.

When they become a winner, many profits will come to. There will be a lot of brands that want to become their sponsor and it will be financially beneficial for the team.

10 Most Expensive Football Transfers in the World

A footballer with an amazing skill always become a target of every clubs. Usually, that player will be sold at a high price because he can bring a good impact to the team.

That is why; you may have seen some players who are bought at an expensive price in a transfer market. Here are the 10 most expensive football transfers in the world.

10. Richarlison and Raphinha

Richarlison and Raphinha
Richarlison and Raphinha | Source: www.planetfootball.com

Actually, they are two different person. Richarlison was bought by Tottenham Hotspur and Raphinha was by Barcelona. However they have the same transfer fee value so far.

They are at the tenth position for the most expensive football transfers in the world. The amount of that contract is $59 million.

Richarlison was born in 1997 in Brazil which means that he is still young. His position is a forward at the team. Meanwhile, Raphinha is played as a winger.

Raphinha full name is Raphael Dias Belloli where he was born in Brazil too. Jenis 25 years old right now and it is amazing that this young man is believed by Barcelona as their main team.

9. Erling Haaland

Erling Haaland
Erling Haaland | Source: sport.detik.com

Everyone knows Erling Haaland right now due to his impressive performance with Manchester City. He is one of the most expensive football transfers in the world that you can note. Manchester City bought Haaland from his previous team, Borusia Dortmund.

The amount of that transfer was $62 million. Haaland is maybe not the most expensive footballer right now, but his skill is awesome. He has made so many goals for Manchester City and becomes a top scorer too.

8. Marc Cucurella

Marc Cucurella
Marc Cucurella | Source: vivagoal.com

Chelsea is known as a strong competitor for several English premier League clubs such as Manchester united and Liverpool. That is why; they transferred a well-experiencef player too such as Marc Cucurella.

Based on a data, Cucurella was bought for $67 million and that price is quite fantastic. This Spain footballer is 24 years old right now where he also plays for the Spain National Team.

7. Matthijs de Ligt

Matthijs de Ligt
Matthijs de Ligt | Source: www.goal.com

Bayern Muenchen did the similar step too where this team also made one of the most expensive football transfers in the world. That was actually for Matthijs de Light.

He is from Dutch and bought by Bayern Muenchen with the price of $69 million. De Ligh is played as the muddle defender in that Bundesliga club and also in Netherlands National team.

6. Alexander Isak

Alexander Isak
Alexander Isak | Source: www.football-espana.net

Meanwhile, you will see Alexander Isak in the top 10 of most expensive football transfers in the world. Isak became a new Newcastle United player who is now under the ownership of the Saudi Arabian Consortium.

The Swedish striker became the Magpies’ most expensive after being bailed out of Real Sociedad for a dowry of $72 million. It seems that Newcastle United is so serious to run the competition.

5. Casemiro

Casemiro | Source: Goal.com

Casemiro was bought by Manchester United and that became one of the most expensive football transfers in the world. That is impressive since Casemiro is not young anymore.

He was bought with the amount of $73 million. So far, Casemiro showed an impressive performance with the team although he doesn’t always become the starting eleven.

Many of united fans agree that Casemiro brings a color to the way of red devil plays. He has scored goal and made some assists too.

4. Darwin Nunez

Darwin Nunez
Darwin Nunez | Source: vivagoal.com

The fourth place is for Darwin Nunez which is bought by Liverpool with the amazing transfer fee of $77 million. The team hopes that Nunez can help Liverpool to have a great performance again.

So far, the performance of Liverpool is still unstable in several different matches. That makes them are even not at the big five of English Premier League.

3. Aurelien Tchouameni

Aurelien Tchouameni
Aurelien Tchouameni | Source: www.teamtalk.com

Then, there is Aurelien Tchouameni who was redeemed by Real Madrid from AS Monaco for $82 million . It makes him as one of the most expensive football transfers. Tchouameni became the only player Real Madrid transferred for a fee. 

Los Blancos actually also brought in one more player, namely Antonio Ruedriger. However, the German-backed defender was brought in for no fee after his contract expired with Chelsea.

2. Wesley Fofana

Wesley Fofana
Wesley Fofana | Source: www.telegraph.co.uk

Under Antony, there is Wesley Fofana who became the most expensive defender in Chelsea’s history. The 21-year-old was signed by Chelsea from Leicester City for a $82.4 million.

That number is quite fantastic for a young player like him. However, everything is worth for the skills that they have since Fofana is also a great defender so far.

1. Anthony

Anthony | Source: www.skysports.com

One of them is Manchester United. Under new captain Erik ten Hag, the Red Devils have brought in six new signings for this period.

Quoted from Transfermarkt, Anfhohy was bought with the price of $97 million. It makes him as the most expensive football transfers in the world in the summer 2022 transfer market.

Antony Mattheus dos Santos is his full name and he was born in Brazil 22 years ago. Now he is playing at Manchester United as a winger and has been scored the goal for this team.

Lately, Antony got many critics from several legendary footballers due to his spinning technique. However, it doesn’t impact his performance overall.

Based on the lists of the most expensive football transfers in the world above, you can see that it was filled by many new names. You don’t see any classic names such as Christiano Ronaldo or Messi.

It means that the era is changed right now. Besides that, most of the players above are still young as well. However, their skill is amazing and they can help the team.

Well, the lists can be changed for the next transfer market too. That is why; you should always update your knowledge about the most expensive football transfers in the world.

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