10 Most Expensive Yugioh Card in the World You Should Know

This discussion about the most expensive Yugioh card in the world can be a reference for those of you who are looking for the best Yugioh card. Curious what types of cards are included in our discussion? Just read the information below carefully.

Apart from Pokemon, there are several other types of animated franchises that also issue cards that fans can collect. One of them is Yugioh which releases various collectable cards with various types of designs according to the edition.

Not infrequently the cards they issue are rare cards with a limited number and high prices. So it’s no wonder that yugioh cards are also a form of investment because the price will continue to increase over time.

Even though it is synonymous with children, in reality yugioh card fans come from various age groups. In fact, it is not uncommon for adults to play and collect together with their friends on weekends or off work.

For this reason, on this occasion we will provide a discussion of the 10 most expensive Yugioh card in the world that you can buy and play with your children or with your friends when the weekend arrives.

10 Most Expensive Yugioh Card in the World

For those of you who don’t know Yu-Gi-Oh! is a manga created by Kazuki Takahashi that was made since 1996 and tells about the adventures of a boy who is proficient in video games using cards.

Yugi Mutou is the name of the main character in this manga created by this Japanese illustrator. Due to its great success, the Yugioh manga was then made into animation in 1981 and is still running today with various new titles.

The game in the Yugioh animation is one of the most popular trading card games (TCG) besides Pokemon. There are also various types of cards, some are ordinary to the rarest and have very expensive prices.

This will also be our topic of discussion on this occasion, namely the most expensive Yugioh card in the world. No need to linger, just look at the full information below.

10. Morping Jar TP2-001

Morphing Jar isn’t actually a rare card. However, this does not apply to Morping Jar with code TP2-001. This card is relatively rare because it is included in the Tournament Pack: 2nd Season.

In addition, this card can also cause broken effects during the game. Thus, this card is rarely used and sold. This card is one of the cards included in the list of the most expensive Yugioh card in the world and sells for US$ 385.

9. Ascension Sky Dragon YSCM-EN007

Like pokemon cards, yugioh cards also contain various monster characters in Kazuki Takahashi’s animation and manga. One of them is the Ascencion Sky Dragon which has a price of US $ 577.

One card was given to the winners of the YugiOh Championship in 2014. This card is not easy to find on the market because it is rare. There are a number of advantages of this one rare card. This card can provide 800 ATK for every card you use, if you summon this card by synchro summoned.

8. Doomcaliber Knight SJCS-EN006

The next most expensive Yugioh card in the world is the doomcaliber knight SJCS-EN006. Doomcaliber is actually not a very rare card because it has been printed several times, but not with a card that has the SJCS-EN006 code.

This card itself was issued as a prize at the 2008 Shonen Jump Championship. You can use this card during the game, without the need for a special summons. This card sells for US $ 609 and is ranked 8th.

7. Vice Dragon DDY1-EN001

This card originally appeared in the Duel Disk –Yusei Version booster pack. However, instead it appears as a booster pack for Raging Battle: Special Editions. This makes the cards tend to be rare and expensive.

You can summon this card when you are not controlling the monster card, while your opponent is controlling the monster card. This card sells for US$770 and is included in the discussion list of the most expensive Yugioh card in the world.

6. Shrink SJC-EN0003

Like Doomcaliber, Shrink isn’t really a rare card. There have been many series of these cards on the market. Among all the existing Shrink series, there is one Shrink card that is relatively rare. Shrink SJC-EN0003 is the Shrink series.

How to activate this card in the game is not difficult. You only need to sacrifice one monster card in your card deck. You can have this card with prices starting at US$641 and of course it will continue to increase over time.

5. Blood Mefist YCSW-EN004

The next most expensive Yugioh card in the world is Blood Mefist which was once used as a gift card. This card with a super rare rating was used as a prize for the Yugioh championship tournament in 2011. This card sold for US $ 577.

4. TG Hyper Librarian WQ11-EN002

This rare card that is included in the discussion of the most expensive Yugioh card in the world is now included in the ban list, and is classified as a secret rare card. Even so, the TG Hyper can still be used for traditional or competitive matches.

With a note, each player can only carry a maximum of two of these cards. There are several factors why this card is rare and limited in the number of uses. One of them is the ability of this card. To have this card you need to pay up to US$1026.

3. Cyber ​​Harpie Lady RP01-EN096

Contrary to the previous card, this card is not included in the ban list card. The booster pack is only distributed in Europe, making the Cyber ​​Harpie Lady RP01 a rarity.

Because of its rarity, this card has received a secret rare rating from various parties. This card sells for up to US$1090 and is the most expensive Yugioh card in the world.

2. Cyber ​​Steins SJC-EN001

Cards that fall into the ultra-rare category are reportedly only available in 18 copies worldwide. Actually, this card was shown at the 2004 Shonen Jump Championship as a gift card. This card is sold at a price of up to US $ 6031.

1. Black Luster Soldier

This is the rarest and most expensive card on this list. Black Luster Soldier is only one sheet in the whole world. The holder of this card is the winner of the YugiOh Championship in Japan in 1999. Because of the rarity of this card, it is sold at a price of US $ 108,381.

All of the yugioh cards that we have mentioned above have high prices due to the limited number and history of the cards. the most expensive Yugioh card in the world what number is your favorite?

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