Megan Fox’s the Most Luxurious Items List

Megan Fox is well-known for her role in a popular film franchise, “Transformers”. Since then, success and money are two things that keep surrounded this beautiful lady. She uses her money for many things. Charity is one of them. She is also known for her collection of luxurious items. This time, we will show you several of the Most luxurious things owned by Megan Fox. Get ready and enjoy!

Most luxurious things owned by Megan Fox

Healing Crystal

In one of her Instagram posts, she posts a photo of her lying down with a big chunk of crystal on her forehead. It is a crystal type that has healing properties. Furthermore, she has not only one piece of the crystal she shared on her Instagram. She has many of them. Guess how much money she spends on one of these crystals? It is around $20,000. Now, you can imagine how much value her collection is.

Luxurious Car

The Most luxurious things owned by Megan Fox list are not complete without Megan’s car. She is known for her luxury car collection. Here are some of them and the price of each of her cars:

  • BMW 5-Series ($54,200),
  • BMW X5 ($76,745),
  • Mercedes CLS 55 AMG ($86,600),
  • Range Rover Sport ($84,350),
  • Range Rover Sport RVR ($90,650),
  • Tesla Model X ($97,200),
  • Range Rover HSE ($98,350),
  • Mercedes G550 AMG ($116,325),
  • Mercedes G63 AMG ($143,795),
  • Aston Martin DB11 ($225,425).

She bought those cars not only because they are good. Some people also said that she is also interested in their features. For example, the Tesla Model X has an autopilot function. It is one of the best features you can find on an electric car. That also is the reason why this car enters the list of the Most luxurious things owned by Megan Fox.

Luxurious House

Of course, we can’t leave the place where she lives on the list of Most luxurious things owned by Megan Fox. She has many of them. For example, she bought a house in 2017 at a value of $2.5 million. Way before that, she also purchased a property in Los Angeles at $2.95 million. Then, later in 2014, she sold that property at $3.75 million.

When she was married to her previous husband, Brian Austin Green, they also bought many luxurious properties. She had a home in Los Angeles and its value is around $2.6 million. After she separated from her husband, she sold it for $1.299 million.

She also once lived in a premium AirBnB Rental in Los Angeles. The rental fee is around $20,000 a month. She lived there with her previous partner, Machine Gun Kelly. This property has five bathrooms and five bedrooms, a huge parking area, an open terrace and deck, a basketball court, and many luxurious features.


Other than those luxurious items, Megan also wears many high-quality items. Interestingly, the price range of her outfit is starting from as cheap as $80 to the fashion items you can only get by spending thousands of Dollars. So, what do you think about the Most luxurious things owned by Megan Fox?

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