The Rarely Exposed Luxurious Items of Tommy Fleetwood

Tommy Fleetwood is one of the top golf players in the world. He has won many world golf tournaments. The latest tournament he won was the Nedbank Golf Challenge in South Africa. It also became the sixth DP World Tour trophy he won. He also won the same event in 2019. So, what are the Most luxurious things owned by Tommy Fleetwood?

Most luxurious things owned by Tommy Fleetwood

Tag Heuer Connected Golf Edition

Not many people know this and Fleetwood also didn’t expose his luxuries to the world that much. Therefore, finding the item that can enter the list of Most luxurious things owned by Tommy Fleetwood is quite challenging. We can start with the most popular luxurious items that many people know. It is the golf watch, the TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition.

The TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition is the most expensive golf watch you can find on the market. One unit of this watch is priced at around US$2,650. However, the price speaks to its performance and quality. If you look at its specification, you also can see why this watch become one of the most expensive items we put into the list of Most luxurious things owned by Tommy Fleetwood.

Some of the specifications that this watch has are its case is made of titanium. It uses a black ceramic bezel. The dial uses AMOLED Display, so you can use it easily when you pair it with your mobile phone. It also has a waterproof feature that lasts up to 50 meters in depth. The bracelet uses a white rubber strap.

The best thing about this luxurious item is it is not a limited product. It means if you have enough budget, you can buy it. Then, you also can enjoy how to wear a luxurious watch similar to what Tommy Fleetwood wears at the golf tournament. By the way, Tommy Fleetwood is also a brand ambassador for TAG Heuer.


He also gets an endorsement from BMW. Because of that, he also owns one of the luxurious cars from this brand, which is BMW X7. This model is one of the popular all-wheel-drive models from this brand. It has a high specification. As for its price, it is around $90,000 for the latest model. Therefore, it is one of the Most luxurious things owned by Tommy Fleetwood.


Those two products are only the most commonly known luxurious items from this golfer. But, if we take a look at Tommy Fleetwood’s net worth which reaches US$15 million, we believe there are more items he has that are not known to the public. We also can see from his Instagram post he spends his money leisurely. He had vacations with his family to many beautiful places and enjoys that time.

That’s everything you need to know about the Most luxurious things owned by Tommy Fleetwood. They might be the items that not many people can own. They are the proof of wealth this golfer has and is willing to share with you and the world.

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