5 Luxurious Items that Novak Djokovic Own

As one of the legends in the tennis world, it is not surprising that Novak Djokovic has accumulated wealth because of his winning in many tennis tournaments. It is said that he has at least US$200 million net worth from his career as a tennis player. Thanks to that, Djokovic also has collected many luxurious items that you might never imagine before. So, what are the Most luxurious things owned by Novak Djokovic? Let’s see!

Most luxurious things owned by Novak Djokovic

Luxurious Houses

He owns many properties across the globe, such as:

  • Miami Penthouse (US$8.9 million),
  • Luxury Condos in New York (US$11 million),
  • Marbella House with nine bedrooms in Spain (US$10 million),
  • Beach House in Miami, Florida (US$6.6 million),

He also owns several properties in popular places, such as Monte Carlo and Belgrade. And, that’s only a small part of his properties. He also owns restaurants and other real estate products.

Luxurious Cars

The next item in our Most luxurious things owned by Novak Djokovic list is the cars, such as:

  • Mercedes-Benz R-500,
  • Audi R8,          
  • Tesla Model S,
  • Bentley Continental GT,
  • Mercedes-Benz A-Class,
  • 508 GT Peugeot and Peugeot RCZ (he is also a brand ambassador for this car brand),

He also has a modest-class vehicle, like Tesla Model X and Fiat 500. He uses these cars for daily commuting with his wife and children.


Djokovic also purchased a yacht in 2009. It is a US$2.5 million yacht, Manhattan 60’ Sunseeker. Interestingly, he used it to cruise with his girlfriend, Jelena Ristic, (now becomes his wife) in the Mediterranean. This yacht is included in the Most luxurious things owned by Novak Djokovic, because it is expensive and has complete features, such as a kitchen, bathroom, and even a speedboat. However, he has sold this yacht.

Private Jet

The next Most luxurious things owned by Novak Djokovic are a private jet. Djokovic also has a private jet for his transportation to various places in many countries when he plays at various tennis tournaments. His private jet is a product of one of the private jet brands owned by many tennis players, NetJets. Furthermore, this brand is also a partner for a tennis tournament where Djokovic play, the Laver Cup. This brand is also well-known for the best service for many superstar clients.

Biotech Firm: QuantBioRes

In 2022, he bought 80% of the ownership of a Danish biotech firm that develops a non-vaccine treatment for COVID patients. There is no information about how much money he spent to buy that amount of share. However, knowing it is a big biotech firm, he must be spent a lot of his fortune to get the most out of this firm’s ownership


Those five items are only a few of many Most luxurious things owned by Novak Djokovic. We believe he has more than you ever imagined. He is a successful player and has accumulated a lot of wealth beyond many other tennis players. So, it is reasonable that he has more items that are not exposed to the public.

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