10 Most Expensive Hot Wheels in the World and Their Worth

If you are a hot wheels fan, this is the list for you that contains the most expensive hot wheels in the world. You can’t miss out on the list because one of these hot wheels may be in your collection, even though it’s expensive.

Hot Wheels are toys meant for children. This is not an expensive children’s toy because it can be found for around 99 cents. You can also get a unique Hot Wheels model, with different models and colors, at that price.

Hot Wheels are also ready to fill your shelves. This uniqueness also makes the series of hot wheels always the choice, and some are even ready to make it as a collection, including some of the hot wheels below, which have been stored for a long time and are now worth more.

Some older and rarer hot wheels are more experienced. It can cost you thousands of dollars now; in some cases, only specific models exist. The hot wheels on this list also must be played appropriately and placed on a looping race track!

10 Most Expensive Hot Wheels in the world

These Hot Wheels will only be stored in a particular place and good condition. If there is even a slight scratch, it can immediately decrease the value. Therefore, if you feel there is a Hot Wheels collection that is rarer than the ones on this list, auction it!

10. 1974 Blue Rodger Dodger – $8,000

At number 10 is Hot Wheels which is the result of a design by Larry Wood and Rodger Dodger, and this is their debut in the 1974 Flying Colors Series. It is based on a ’73 Dodge Charger SE, and now, it is most commonly found in the Enamel Plum Colorway.

The Plum enamel colorway is the easiest to find and keeps it off the list of the most expensive hot wheels in the world. But if the blue color variation, this is extremely rare and has a higher price tag. With this painting, you will need to pay around $8,000.

9. 1968 Python With “Cheetah” Base – $10,000

With a price of 10,0000, Python with Cheetah Base ranks 9th in the most expensive hot wheels in the world. Made in both US and Hong Kong plants, the Cheetah is based on a 1963 car by Bill Cushenberry.

It was styled using a ’60 Pontiac and ’61 Corvair with a small block of Ford Engine. And it’s because of this combination that it makes this worth a lot of money. By the standard red Hong Kong colorway, some are still more expensive, namely the orange one.

8. 1969 Ed Shaver Blue AMX – $10,000

The 1969 Ed Shaver Blue AMX is a car designed by Ira Gilford. One of the proofs of whether this car is authentic or not is the stickers. This custom AMX model is one of the rarest, as it celebrates its partnership with Ed Shaver.

7. 1971 Purple Olds 442 – $12,000

The 1971 Olds 442 was also designed by Larry Wood. The Redline era on the wheels makes the purple colorway look perfect. Casting the ideal card body, this 1971 Purple Olds 442 has an estimated value of around $12,000, 7th on the most expensive hot wheels in the world.

6. 1969 Brown Custom Charger – $13,000

Even though it looks very old-fashioned, this 1969 Hot Wheel range and series is one of the most expensive. The brown one is the highest in value. So when you see this hot wheels series, you may confirm its authenticity first and sell it again.

5. 1970 Mad Maverick Base – $15,000

At number 5 of the most expensive hot wheels in the world, there is the 1970 Mad Maverick Base, designed by Howard Rees and based on the 1969 Ford Maverick car.

It debuted in 1970 and continued production until 1977. This model is unique underneath the body because only a few models have the words “Mad Maverick” on the baseplate, so it’s worth selling for $15,000.

4. 1968 Over Chrome Camaro – $25,000

There are only 20 units of this 1968 Over Chrome Camaro, and this is the first production model of Camaro equipped with small airbags and automatic transmission. The Fury has never been a standard car in the Hot Wheels series.

Series Fury is known for its real rarity, and that’s what makes it so expensive. The wheels are painted in a rare silver color, and the decal was hand-painted, which is also only a tiny amount produced and is 4th on the list of the most expensive hot wheels in the world.

3. 1968 Over Chrome Mustang – $40,000

You may have yet to see the Mustang name on this list. But when it comes to the top 3, immediately look at the 1968 Over Chrome Mustang, which sold out at $40,000. The reason it’s rare is that Hot Wheels doesn’t sell it to the public.

Hot Wheels originally made this model for advertising purposes, not retail. With this premium price, collectors still need to be patient to buy and redeem their status as the most expensive hot wheels in the world because collectors still have them.

2. 2008 Diamond-Encrusted Custom Otto – $60,000

No wonder the 2008 Diamond-Encrusted Custom Otto sold for $60,000. A unique model with diamonds in it makes it something special. Some even say these hot wheels have a value of over $ 100,000 if sold now.

This is a model made to celebrate the 40th anniversary. The car is cast in 18-carat white gold and 2,700 diamonds. It also has red rubies for Thailand with a custom-made diamond case. It’s no wonder it becomes the top 2 of the most expensive hot wheels in the world.

1. 1969 Pink VW Beach Bomb – $175,000

The 1969 Pink VW Beach Bomb is the most expensive hot wheels car. It is dubbed the “Holy Grail” of Hot Wheels cars, and there were only two models in circulation, and what makes this unique is that it was the only prototype and was never released.

Hot Wheels were previously only known as children’s toys. But over time, Hot Wheels changed its status to become a collection item with super high value. It makes the emergence of some most expensive hot wheels in the world for collectors.

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