10 Most Expensive TV Show in the World You Must Know

Have you ever thought that there is a list of the 10 most expensive TV show in the world that spend hundreds or even millions of dollars in the manufacturing process? If not, then in this discussion we will discuss this matter.

TV shows are always entertainment for families when they come home from work or school. There are many types of TV shows that have been used from ancient times to the present. Starting from talk shows, comedy, reality shows, and many others.

The better the quality of a TV show, the more people will like and watch the show. But did you know that there are several TV shows that spend up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in the production process?

Maybe that sounds impossible to you, and it will only make sense if it’s a film production process that costs hundreds or even millions of dollars. But in this discussion, we will discuss the 10 most expensive TV show in the world.

Are you curious about what TV shows are included in our discussion list? If so, just take a look at the discussion that we have summarized exclusively for you below, carefully regarding the TV shows with the most expensive production costs in the world.

10 Most Expensive TV Show in the World

Along with the development of the times, the development of the world of films and TV shows has also developed. In order to improve the quality, many television stations hire various experienced crews with sophisticated equipment to make a TV show.

This is of course aimed at providing the best viewing for every loyal TV viewer. Apart from hiring experienced crews, they also often hire famous actors or actresses whose talents in the world of film are no longer doubted.

Therefore, it is not uncommon for several TV shows to appear that spend up to hundreds or even millions of dollars in production funds. Are you curious about which series are included in the list of the most expensive TV show in the world? No need to linger, just look at the full discussion below carefully.

10. The Lord of The Rings

From JRRTolkien’s novel, adapted to the big screen by Peter Jackson, and now “The Lord of The Rings” will be a serial on Amazon Prime Video. The total cost of making this series is predicted to reach US $ 1 billion. This will be the most expensive fee in the history of a TV series.

This TV show tells hundreds of years before the war that occurred on earth and also tells the process of making a power ring. That’s why this TV show is titled “The Rings of Power”.

9. Wandavision

The next most expensive TV show in the world that will be included in the discussion this time is Wandavision. This TV shows tells the story of Wanda and Vision while they are on the run after a big war involving two sides, namely Captain America and Ironman.

With the presence of Disney+, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has expanded its wings to series. One of them is “WandaVision” which is planned for release at the end of December 2020. Its production costs are estimated at USD 25 million per episode.

8. The Pacific

If you like films with war themes, then the Pacific could be the answer. This miniseries is related to the popular series “Band of Brothers”, executive produced by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks. First released in 2010, this miniseries costs up to USD 20 million per episode to produce.

So it’s not surprising that this TV show is included in the list of the most expensive TV show in the world in this discussion. This TV show is also liked by many people and many people are waiting for the continuation.

7. Game of Thrones

Airing from 2011 to 2019, “Game of Thrones” costs USD 15 million per episode to produce. The budget was spent looking for exotic shooting locations, using Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) effects that spoil the eye, and choosing actors with above average quality.

The 9 seasons owned by Game of Thrones prove the quality of the TV shows issued by HBO. But unfortunately many people are disappointed with season 9 and think Game of Thrones has finished in season 8.

6. The Mandalorians

The next most expensive TV show in the world is the Mandalorian which is a spin off of Star Wars. This series, which is still related to “Star Wars”, immediately became a hit after its release in 2019. The series, which was worked on by Jon Favreu, costs up to USD 15 million per episode to produce.

5. The Morning Show

Another series from Apple TV + which is also among the most expensive. The series starring Jennifer Aniston and Steve Carel has a budget of USD 15 million per episode. The series, which aired in 2019, is about an early morning TV show that is thrown into chaos due to the firing of one of its hosts due to allegations of sexual harassment.

But apart from that, this film has many fans, not only in America, but almost all over the world. Are you one of his fans?

4. See

Another TV show that is included in the list of the most expensive TV show in the world is See.A science fiction series set in a world where people cannot see. The series, starring Jason Mamoa and airing on Apple TV+, costs up to USD 15 million-USD 17 million per episode to produce.

3. The Crown

The series, which tells the story of Queen Elizabeth II and the ups and downs of being a member of the royal family, costs USD 13 million per episode to produce.This TV show is watched by a large number of viewers and the number increased dramatically when queen elizabeth died.

2. ER

One of the most popular series in the 1990s and entered the list most expensive TV show in the world. It was first broadcast on NBC in 1994, and until 2009 it had reached 331 episodes with 15 seasons. At the beginning of its production, this series required production costs of up to USD 13 million per episode, one of which was to pay George Clooney’s fees.

1. The Band Brothers

This miniseries, which aired on HBO in 2001, reached a production cost of up to USD 12.5 million per episode and became one of most expensive TV show in the world. Produced by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks, the story is about a battalion mission in World War II.

All the TV shows that we have mentioned above cost millions of dollars to improve the quality of their shows. the most expensive TV show in the world what number is your favorite?

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