10 Most Expensive Restaurant in Dubai

What is the most expensive restaurant in Dubai? Talking about this thing is so interesting, especially for you who love to visit some luxurious places in that city.

Dubai is always about it’s luxury. It is easy to find the skyscrapers, expensive cars along the street, mansion, up to the amazing fine dining restaurant.

These restaurants come with the different concept. It is started from those who are surrounded by ponds up to beautiful decoration of Arabian concept.

10 Most Expensive Restaurant in Dubai

When you have a chance to have a vacation in this city, visiting these places are the things to do. Here are the 10 lists of those restaurants where you can try the delicious food and get a glamour nuance at the same time.

10. Pierchic

Pierchic | Source: www.visitdubai.com

So many tourists agree that Pierchic is one of the best seafood restaurants that you can visit in Dubai. They serve the delicious seafood menus and all ingredients are fresh.

The popular dish there is an Alaskan king crab which is topped with saffron – infused hollandaise, caviar, and Chilean sea bass. It is served with smoked sweet potato too.

9. Cavalli Club

Cavalli Club
Cavalli Club | Source: www.timeoutdubai.com

The next most expensive restaurant in Dubai is Cavalli Club. This place is popular for the lavish interior design that makes visitors want to spend time there.

You will see the luxurious chandeliers and waterfalls. These combinations are unique and make Cavalli club is a gorgeous destination to visit.

Cavalli Club serves the Italian cuisine such as pasta and many more again. It is definitely that it serves one of the most expensive foods in Dubai, but it worth with the quality.

8. “Social” by Heinz Beck

“Social” by Heinz Beck
“Social” by Heinz Beck | Source: comingsoon.ae

If you adore the culinary industry, Heinz Beck is a name which is so familiar, right? Beck is a top – notch chef and Social is a restaurant that he created. Is it a special place?

Yes, of course. It is one of the most expensive restaurant in Dubai which is located on the Palm Jumeirah ground floor. The cost for two people to dine is around $200.

7. Billionaire mansion

Billionaire mansion
Billionaire mansion | Source: billionairesociety.com

Billionaire Mansion, as it is named, is a luxurious place to eat. It is recommended for your who love the fine dining dish with an elegant nuance around.

Billionaire Mansion serves the delicious Italian and Japanese foods. If you were there, try to taste their expensive menus such as Teriyaki, salmon rice pizza, sushi, and the new style of Sashimi.

The popular Black Miso cod is a must-try dish also. Besides a restaurant, Billionaire Mansion also has some areas such as Nightclub, restaurant, lounge, and bar

6. At.Mosphere

At.Mosphere | Source: www.forbes.ro

This most expensive restaurant in Dubai is so specially because it is located in Burj Khalifa. You must be known that Burj Khalifa is the highest tower in this universe.

That is why; eating there will let you enjoy a spectacular view of Dubai. In a more detail, At.mosphere is in the 122nd floor of that tower or it is around 442 meters above the ground.

The dishes there are also special. The most expensive ones are like Salmon gravlax, risotto, artichoke barigoule, scallop, and the popular French meringue.

5. Al – Iwan

Al – Iwan
Al – Iwan | Source: www.zomato.com

Al – Iwan is located in the Burj Al Arab at Jumeirah. It is for sure that you can easily get the luxurious and elegant vibe from this place. What is their specialty?

Al Iwan is one of the most expensive restaurant in Dubai which has the Arabic delicacies and it also offers the traditional Arabian dishes. That is why; those foods are tasty and usually have a strong taste.

4. Al – Muntaha

Al – Muntaha
Al – Muntaha | Source: www.zomato.com

Al – Muntaha is a right place for you who love the European dishes. This restaurant is located at 27th floor of Burj Al Arab and that is why; the view from there is beautiful.

You can see the Jumeirah sea right away while enjoying the dishes. There are several delicious menus which you can try right there such as premium Kobe beef, citrus Salmon, Gillardeau oyster, etc.

Besides that, the Ravioli and Bouillabaise are also available there. Usually, having a dinner there will cost $270 for two people.

3. Kohantei

Kohantei | Source: www.esquireme.com

This next most expensive restaurant in Dubai is recommended for you who love to eat the Japanese foods. Kohantei is known as a restaurant that serve the most delicious and best Japanese food in Dubai.

Their quality is number one because all ingredients are imported from Japan. That is why; the taste is authentic and the quality is always really good.

If you want to eat at Kohantei, their address is in Dubai Opera. Usually, two people will cost $350 for a dinner which is quite expensive for sure, but really worth for it’s quality.

2. Nathan Outlaw

Nathan Outlaw
Nathan Outlaw | Source: www.dubairestaurantsguide.com

This second most expensive restaurant in Dubai is located in an iconic building, Burj Al Arab. You will be amazed by it’s concept because the interior is full of glasses.

It just like a huge aquarium and you are inside that. The interesting thing is that this restaurant isn’t even located under the sea. Seafood is the leading menus there.

You can try several foods such as langoustine, turbot, barramundi, and some other seafoods. The chef combine it with the expensive ingredients such as caviar and truffle.

Nathan Outlaw as the second most expensive restaurant in Dubai cost you $350 for 2 people to dine there. All the foods are cooked by chef Nathan Outlaw where he is an award winning chef.

1. Ossiano

Ossiano | Source: www.cntravellerme.com

Ossiano is the most expensive one. It is actually a luxurious place and it is also an underwater one. For your information, Ossiano is located at the Palm Jumeirah.

This most expensive restaurant in Dubai is well known for the breathtaking ambiance. However, the seafood dishes there are really perfect and taste amazing.

If you come with your soulmate, you should visit Ossiano to have a romantic date together. The cost is around $400 for two people to dine there.

The lists of restaurants above are making us amaze Dubai more and more. They are not only serving the delicious foods, but also complete everything with perfect ambiance and service.

For some people, those prices are maybe too expensive. However, it is for sure that it worth for every penny and you can try by your self while visiting that city.

Choose the one that attracts you more. Don’t forget to prepare enough money to try several delicious foods. It is also recommended to check whether you need to book first or not.

It is because some places are maybe really popular and fully booked everyday. So, get enough information first before eating in those most expensive restaurant in Dubai.

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