10 Most Expensive European Cities – Highest Cost of Living

The most expensive European cities are dream destinations for many expats and travelers. Europe is also known as a continent that is rich in history, diverse in culture, and has excellent cuisine. But everyone also seems to know they have the highest cost of living.

We have calculated the price index value for each city in Europe. This data is also addressed to those who plan to live in Europe. Calculating all costs is crucial, even though many options and benefits are offered in a different cities.

Europe can also be expensive for many reasons. The cost of living index, as of December 2022, shows that a city in Switzerland ranks at the top with the highest cost of living. Lifestyle while in the city must also be adjusted again.

Europe is also the hub of many incredible tourist attractions with many historical landmarks and food and entertainment options. It is highly esteemed worldwide and has a reputation for being lavish and luxurious, making it known as lavish and luxurious.

Top 10 Most Expensive European Cities to Live In

The European lifestyle focuses more on the quality of life than any other continent. Starting from self-indulgence, time off, and a life filled with good times and privileges. Let’s take a look at the top 10 most expensive European cities to live in, such as:

10. Trondheim, Norway

Trondheim is Norway’s third-largest city and once became the capital of Norway; this included the most historic city in Norway and became a university town with lots of pubs and young people.

In the accommodation sector, this city’s one-bedroom apartment in the city center costs $1,250. The standard calculation also comes from McDonald’s, which sells for $12. And this then places Trondheim in the 10th place of the most expensive European cities to live in.

9. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam of the Netherlands is a place among countries with a high quality of life, which certainly comes with a price. Amsterdam, the capital city, ranks ninth, and traveling or living In this beautiful city will spend $4,500 per month with an internet fee of $46.

8. Oslo, Norway

Oslo is known as a country with an extreme quality of life. This quality of life then makes this city require a high cost to live in. On the list of the most expensive European cities to live in, Oslo ranks 8th and is the fastest-growing city in Norway.

Having a myriad of forests, adequate infrastructure, to super beautiful archipelagos, Norway must be one of your tourist destinations. One-bedroom apartment in Oslo costs you 1.7 USD, with a typical average cost of living at $4,750 per month for expats.

7. Copenhagen, Denmark

The capital city of Denmark, Copenhagen, is also one of the most expensive European cities. The digital nomads with high quality of living are the city’s correlation with all developments. The community in this city is also one of the main points why this city is expensive.

Copenhagen offers convenience with an average daily spend of $175. Some people choose Copenhagen only as a tourist destination city. What makes Copenhagen unique is that it is a creative and innovative hotspot.

6. Dublin, Ireland

Dublin remained at number 6 of the most expensive European cities. Dulin is also known as a city with bustling nightlife and proximity to natural landscapes. Now., Dublin has a lot of expats because the neighborhood tends to be comfortable.

The most expensive European cities in the world have one-bedroom apartment accommodations for $1,900. The average spending of the two cities is also $180 per day. And this then makes Dulin have a very significant urban development.

5. Basel, Switzerland

So far, we have yet to include Swiss cities at all, while we all know that Switzerland is costly. There are 4 Swiss cities in the top 5 most expensive European cities. The list one of them is the city of Basel.

Basel is a green city, especially for those who like sports, parks, museums, eateries, nightclubs, and more. Everything comes at a reasonable price, even though it’s more expensive. You will need to pay about $ 195 per day, but this beautiful city must be included in your visit list.

4. Lausanne, Switzerland

Then there is another city in Switzerland, namely Lausanne. Lausanne also offers s a wealth of knowledge with many local celebrations. Lausanne has no other tourist attractions, but the beautiful lake, the Leman, is a must on your visit or place-to-stay list.

3. London, UK

London is among the 3 most expensive European cities you can live in now. London is the most expensive city in the UK due to high rent prices, with the cost of renting a one-bedroom apartment reaching $2,400 per month, but the quality of life in this city is high.

London can be expensive, but you can earn a lot of money here too. The general quality of life is excellent, especially in culinary, sporting, cultural, and social scenes. Xpats also said that their decision to stay was one they could not regret either.

2. Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva is the second largest city in Switzerland and the second most expensive European cities. It also passes the standard of living and is always the preference of many expats. But, if you want to save money, geneva will be the wrong place for that purpose.

A one-bedroom apartment in this city can cost you $ 2,700—primary usage with McDonald’s mcmeal price for $20. Geneva is also known for its chocolate. Therefore, start visiting Switzerland and remember to visit Geneva and see the landscape.

1. Zurich, Switzerland

In the first place, Zurich is the most expensive European cities, and in appearance, it stands out. This city is also famous for its Swiss Alps, Zurich, and is suitable for European adventure activities with an excellent reputation and plenty of jobs in this city.

Like in other cities, this can also be a financial center. Prices from a McMeal at mcdonald’s are around $22, with a one-bedroom apartment priced at almost $3,000. Depending on where you live, this city still offers everything expats need to handle globally.

Europe is an exciting destination, but it always has high costs to live in. Especially if it’s in a city center, the fees range from thousands per month. And in fact, Zurich has become the most expensive European cities you can live in now.

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