10 Most Expensive Barbie in the World Ever Made in History

What is the most expensive barbie in the world ever made in history? While not all Barbie, collector’s items are rarer. So that in a certain amount of money, and related to these items, you can prepare them one by one on your list.

From the very beginning and being made, Barbie has become a popular toy. In certain items, Barbie has been transformed into a fashion icon. As proven by the fashion icon, Barbie comes with pieces of design as well as luxurious outfits and attractive accessories.

Until now, the most expensive Barbie is one of a kind of piece that was designed by famous jewelers, fashion designers, and artists. The most expensive barbies on this list wear genuine gemstones and have price tags to match.

Barbie was previously a toy aimed at children. They can combine clothes with different conditions. So for those of you who are going to buy a unique Barbie, you may have to be prepared to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The 10 Most Expensive Barbies in the World Ever Made

If you have any Barbie dolls growing up, and if you double-check, then the list is still soared away, and it costs you more and fetches something worth a fortune. Therefore, if you want to collect this most expensive barbie in the world, then prepare to buy, including:

10. Karl Lagerfeld Barbie – $6,000

Karl Lagerfeld Barbier is one fashion Barbie that has the proper collaboration. Only 999 units have ever been made, so it’s a rare collector’s item. However, this wasn’t very rare, but on eBay, it still sells at four times the price.

9. Lorraine Schwartz Barbie – $7,500

The Lorraine Schwartz Barbie doll was created in 2010 when Mattel partnered with 12 councils of Fashion Designers of America members. At that time, their goal was to produce 12 unique high-end Barbie Dolls, and all the dolls sold were for a charity auction.

While the other 11 Barbies sold well, the Lorraine Schwartz Barbie was dubbed the “Bling Barbie.” It was able to fetch the highest price, and it is also one of the most expensive barbie in the world, with a total of $ 7,500, and there is no sign that this barbie doll will experience a price drop.

8. Barbie in Midnight Pink – 8,557

Number 7 of the most expensive barbie in the world is the Barbie in Midnight Pink. This doll was sold at a Christie’s auction and fetched a very impressive $ 8,557. And this is still much less than the red variant went for, but this is still one of the most expensive.

Although it may not cost as much as the most expensive barbie if one is in better condition than it has ever sold, it could experience a price increase. So for a few more decades, this Barbie can be resold and become a valuable asset.

7. Abend Barbie Gala – $13,673

In the sale where 4,000 Barbies were put for auction in 2006 by Christie, this Abend Barbie Gala became the second most expensive doll that sold that night.

The anonymous collector who bought the Barbie has been made since 1965, and it is rare because it was released in Japan and Europe only. That’s why it’s on most expensive barbie in the world list.

6. Pink Diamond Barbie – $15,000

Pink Diamond Barbie was designed by David and Phillipe Blond and was one of the dolls that debuted at their 2013 Blonds Spring show during New York Fashion Week. After drawing a lot of attention for their fashion show, this immediately attracts attention and is stunning.

Pink Diamond Barbie is one of the most expensive barbies in the world. Her shoes also got fascinated with gems, so they became sparking dolls. It is whopping for $15,000 and is at number 6 in the top 10 list of most expensive barbie in the world.

5. Barbie in Midnight Red – $17,100

Barbie in Midnight Red is one of the more valuable Barbie dolls than the pink one. It is worth around $17,091 when adjusted for inflation. The Midnight red is a limited edition doll with mint condition dolls, so it’s one of the rarer ones.

4. Original Barbie (1959) – $27,450

Original Barbie is the first time Barbie was introduced to a most expensive barbie in the world called Barbie Millicent Roberts. Since then, this doll has gone on to become a global sensation. This doll is a picture of a career-driven woman, or the term an independent woman.

The original Barbie is highly sought-after and valued at $27,450. With mint condition original barbie with her white bathing suit, this is the number one Barbie with only a few defects. Even though there are minor defects, the original Barbie is still one of the most expensive.

3. De Beers 40th Anniversary Barbie – $85,000

De Beers 40th Anniversary Barbie sells for around $85,000 and is in the top 3 of the most expensive barbie in the world. De beers also own diamonds along with long dark hair and expensive gems. This will bring you a solid spot with attractive-looking fashion.

2. Barbie and the Diamond Castle – $94,800

Barbie and the Diamond Castle is the one released in 2008. The reason for this high price is because of the diamond attached to the doll. There are 318 real diamonds with a total of 20.66 carats, included in her dress, necklace, and tiara from Barbie.

1. Stefani Canturi Barbie – $302,500

If you are thinking about spending more than hundreds of thousands of dollars, prepare funds reaching more than $300,000 for Stefani Canturi. This Barbie has been worn by numerous celebrities as well and has even appeared in movies such as The Matrix and Moulin Rouge.

The reason why this Barbie is so expensive is because of the necklace and jewelry they wear. It can take up to six months to manufacture. But, the whole design is made to be one battery that catches everyone’s attention.

Barbie is a toy that many people, especially girls, love. The excellent condition of the old-size barbie will get a high price too. Therefore, the most expensive barbie in the world offers something unique.

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