10 Most Expensive Fruit in the World

Have you ever imagined eating the 10 most expensive fruit in the world? It must be satisfying. Fruits are healthy, sources of vitamins and are commonly found in desserts or other foods.

Nowadays, people can get almost anything from anywhere not except fruits, but they need to cost different amounts for it. Certain fruits are not as cheap as others as they are special.

Sometimes, people make unique innovations to modify fruits and make the most expensive fruit in the world. You won’t find them easily in nature as they are limited and you need to pay extra to taste them.

How much did they cost? Will you feel amazed if they could spend almost equal to a unit of a car? Let’s find out in this post.

10 Most Expensive Fruit in the World

It is not a secret that the Japanese are recognized for their harmony, beauty, and quality. This is not except for their perfection in growing fruit and it is shown in Tokyo’s luxury stores at crazy prices.

However, the Japanese do not apply the monopoly system regarding this matter. Some of them are now exported outside the country. So, keep on reading the information about these incredible creations.

10. Sembikiya Cherry

Sembikiya Cherry
Sembikiya Cherry | Source: www.michigansportszone.com

These cherries are monitored closely during their growing time. They are planted in small glasshouses and well-maintained to ensure their quality, color, and size meet the requirement precisely to be premium fruit.

Every single one has to be identical to others to get the maximum appeal. If they are ripe and sweet, you can this one of the most expensive fruit in the world at the cost of around $160.

They are sold in the most famous fruit store in Tokyo, Sembikiya. With the price, you can get these fruits beautifully arranged in boxes of 40.

9. Sekai Ichi Apples

Sekai Ichi Apples
Sekai Ichi Apples | Source: specialtyproduce.com

The meaning behind this fruit name is “the first in the world”. They have a pale red or pink color and taste sweet. Something is abnormal with their weight and size.

They weigh about 2 pounds and have a circumference of about 15 inches. Before being sold, these one of the most expensive fruit in the world are washed in honey and this makes the price. Each of them costs $21.

8. Dekopon Citrus

Dekopon Citrus
Dekopon Citrus | Source: www.freshmax.group

This seedless and sweet fruit is a combination of orange and mandarin. Since their first cultivation in 1972, they are thought of by many as the best citrus in this globe.

Even though each Dekopon orange retails for at least $14 ($80 per pack of 6), they are popularly spread beyond Japan. Nowadays, they are being harvested in South Korea and Brazil.

7. Strawberries Queen

Strawberries Queen
Strawberries Queen | Source: acitgroup.com.au

Many people like strawberries, especially when served in a chocolate bar. However, these one of the most expensive fruit in the world are perfect and should not be combined with anything else.

They are sold at $85 per pack of twelve. The high price is caused by high maintenance as they never actually touch the ground and only those which have the best shape and color are sold.

6. White Jewel Strawberry

White Jewel Strawberry
White Jewel Strawberry | Source: Amazon.com

These strawberries are produced in Japan’s Saga prefecture by a single producer. Their size is about three times larger than typical large strawberries and is sold at around $10 each.

They have no anthocyanin pigments and causing the white color in them. This is the result of growing them in the dark. In fact, this member of the most expensive fruit in the world is perfectly sweet, not sour at all.

5. Square Watermelon

Square Watermelon
Square Watermelon | Source: wikipedia.org

These watermelons were originally cultivated in Japan in the 1970s with the main purpose to make them easier to stack. A young melon was confined to a box and would grow by following the shape of the box.

It may seem too much to buy a garden or common watermelon at $200-$800, regardless of its new shape. However, you are possibly getting this square fruit for as little as $100.

4. Mango Taiyo no Tamago

Mango Taiyo no Tamago
Mango Taiyo no Tamago | Source: ventured.com

Next on our list of the most expensive fruit in the world is Mango Taiyo no Tamago. It is mean “egg of the sun”. Only those who weigh over 350 grams and hold high sugar content, will be sold.

These luxury mangoes have a tag of $50 to $3,600 due to their spectacular coloring and high sugar content. Their hues can be the deepest orange to red-purple and have a very soft pulp texture even if you can eat the skin.

3. Densuke Watermelon

Densuke Watermelon
Densuke Watermelon | Source: thegardenmagazine.com

Spotless or striped and weighing up to 11 kilograms, this fruit is rarely found. The black Densuke Watermelon is sweeter compared to other watermelons and they are very exclusive as their production per year is only 10,000.

According to the record, this one of the most expensive fruit in the world is sold at $6,100. The main reason for its rarity is that these watermelons are only can be found on Hokkaido Island in Japan.

2. Ruby Roman Grapes

Ruby Roman Grapes
Ruby Roman Grapes | Source: ishikawafood.com

This rare luxury fruit is expected to pay from $90 to $450 for a single bunch. That is if only you can get them as there are only 24,000 bunches sold per year.

You can buy this low-acid and sweet variety in Japan’s Ishikawa prefecture. Before a sale, each bunch passed a strict inspection, including the typical size and color uniformity of rubies.

Each one of the ruby roman grapes has a size equal to a ping pong ball. This second list of the most expensive fruit in the world has three classifications: premium, special superior, and superior.

Interestingly, each year, there are only two bunches selected as premium and have a great price. For instance, a ruby roman grape cluster was sold for $12,000 in 2020.

1. Yubari King Melon

Most Expensive Food in the world - Yubari King Melons
Most Expensive Food in the world – Yubari King Melons

This amazing fruit is a result of a hybrid between two other kinds of melon originating from Hokkaido island as well. Its name originated from the island’s Yubari greenhouse.

It is valued at $200 per melon. Usually, they are given as status symbols and as prizes for gift-giving. In 2020, there was a beverage company bought a pair of Yubari King Melons for a tantalizing $45,000.

Their great taste is due to the high content of volcanic soil where they are grown and the cultivation method as well. It takes 100 days for this part of the most expensive fruit in the world to be harvested.

They are given daily massages to result in the perfect lattice pattern on their skin as well as are given hats as protection from the sun. This fruit is highly valued for its aroma, flavor and fragrance, sweetness, and taste.

Having one of these fruits can be satisfying apart from their high prices. Do you think that you need to buy one of the most expensive fruit in the world? Prepare your budget for it.

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