10 Most Expensive Lego Set in the World & Why Is It Pricey?

Who would have thought that the most expensive lego set in the world could be sold for up to thousands of dollars? Seeing the use of Lego focused on children’s service, the price as high as that is surprising. But there are just a few collectors who want.

Fancy Logo Sets Can Cost Up to Thousands of Dollars, and It Is All Worth It When The Final Product is Ready. Lego has been in this industry since the Late 1950s and is an icon in the Toy Industry. With popularity like this, Lego has the use that was produced over the years.

Lego has repeatedly partnered with modern and famous companies. Like Harry Potter, Marvel, and Disney Prompting an increase in interest once again. sets range from mall to quite large, and those larger sets offers cost a small fortune.

Check out the most expert logo set that requires time for assembled collection set for the top of the list. With its status as an iconic toy, Lego has felt loved and appreciated by Millions around the World, but with the listed below set.

10 Most Expensive Lego Set in the World

The List of Lego Sets and Figures shows that Various Sources around the web are no less attractive. Figures of Lego have been viral from year to year. But, if you want a limited and unique one, choose One of the most expensive lego set in the world.

10. Yoda Wearing “I Heart NY Shirt” (New York Toy Fair 2013) – $2,275

Starting from Our Top 10, and this is a hilarious set. Released in 2013 at the New York Toy Fair, this set features Yoda wearing a t-shirt that says “I Heart NY,” This adds some cool street art and street signs with features pieces plus a bit of coolness there.

In terms of Actual Goods Received, this is worth your money. Every Piece adds coolness too. This set features Yoda Wearing T -unique T-Shirts sold at New York Toy Fair in 2013 with the upcoming most expensive lego set in the world that is sold very cheaply.

9. Grand Carousel – $2,300

Coming at number 9 on the list, the carousel has 300 pieces that also came with a remote control. And that is why this one Lego set is unique, and even the function is functional, meaning you can use or play with it.

Carousel is a big lego set when all is Said and Done. But unlike some previous sets, this lego set is relatively manageable to build. Especially with the Play and Pause Button function, it’s no wonder this lego set is sold at a price of up to $2,300.

8. Leca Automobile (Lego Inside Tour Exclusive 2005 Edition) – $22,350

Ready? Who needs to become more familiar with automotive products called Leca? This is a little different for you, but it always becomes one of the other rare and most expensive lego set in the world. This Lego Set is tired with a price of $2,350.

This Lego Set is only sometimes the coolest or Pretty Looking Lego Set. But thanks to ITS Rarity and uniqueness, this price is continually increasing from time to time. Leca Automobile is also sold at Lego Inside Tour Exclusive 2005 Pameran with Something Different.

7. The Legoland Train (Lego Inside Tour 2014) – $2,750

Have you ever seen Lego in the form of a train? You may only have seen it at Elgoland Train, which builds up on the street. However, if you want a lego set in the form of a train, you need to spend up to $2,750 first.

In this set, you are asked to build a train and get seven mini figures to lark about with. They First Went on Sale Back in 2014. Since then, this Lego Set has experienced a significant price increase and is now worth almost $3,000.

6. Taj Mahal – $ 2,865

Lego Exclusive Taj Mahal is One of the most expensive lego set in the world. This is also Lego’s most extensive set in the world, which includes 5,923 pieces. Firstly, this Lego Set was sold at $ 369.99 only on November 27, 2017 but sold in a limited edition.

Since the first time Lego, this Lego has been said, they have said that Everyone must be ready for the most extensive set release Ever. What makes the challenge of Assembling the taj Mahal worth it is the beautiful result, but if it is assembled, it is an actual piece of art.

5. Han Solo on Taustaun (Miniland Scale) – $3,156

Han Solo on Taustaun (Miniland Scale) Taking Gifts Spot on Our List of the most expensive lego set in the world with the theme Star Wars. You Might are fascinated by the valuable material.

4. Piper Airplane (Lego Inside Tour Exclusive 2012 Edition) – $4,016

Breaking The $ 4,000 Mark, the 2012 Edition of Piper Airplane will be one of the most interesting in your collection. It is worth the money because there is The Airport and Minifigures in this set.

3. TMNT Antonio’s Pizza-Rama (New York Comic-Con 2012 Exclusive)-$4,276

It’s Crazy to see a pizza for $4,276 and still cannot be eaten. This is the most expensive slice of pizza on the planet. Released for $4,276 and it Outrank Many types of Lego Set, but from the visuals, this is quite attractive for most expensive lego set in the world.

2. Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon – $4,530

The title of the most expensive lego set in the world set goes to the millennium falcon. This is the 2nd Largest Lego Set in the World, Behind the Taj Mahal, with 5,174 pieces. Overall, for Star Wars fans, Lego Set sold for $ 4,530 is worth it.

1. H.C. Andersen’s Clumsy Hans (2015 Edition) – $7,375

Entirely is a price, at more than $7,000; there is such a thing as H C Andersen Clumsy Hans. The Sets were handed out to 80 Lego ambassadors. You can directly bag a unique Rare Lego Set to enter this Lego set.

Lego sets; usually, people will only issue up to hundreds of dollars to buy them. But because of limited stock and a certain uniqueness, only those penetrate thousands of dollars, including HC Andersen Clumsy Hans, became the most expensive lego set in the world.

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