10 Most Expensive Hotels in London: Luxury Trip Experience

We all love to see London, but what if you spend thousands of dollars to stay at One of the most expensive hotels in London? Especially for Luxury Trips, there is no better way than being white off to a luxurious life. Nowadays, the traveling experience must also be complete.

We all love to spoil ourselves to live a luxurious life. Doing More Traveling is also an exciting thing to follow. Especially if your Lifestyle is in the world of traveling, then London is always a TEAT destination, and you can not forget to live on it over time.

However, London is known as a city full of luxurious Lifestyles. You who want to live here must adjust to the Lifestyle Mewath. During this time, ensure you can get the room in the right place, although it requires a higher cost.

In addition to this, London has been popular to become a tourist destination for many people. If you count yourself among the fortunate way, the luxury that can be obtained is also very high. For now, Bigger Hotels have also been constructed in the center of London.

Here are the Top 10 Most Expensive Hotels in London

London is steeped in rich hotel history, and several hotels have received the status to become luxurious hotels and reliable sources in the hotel scene. It’s just that the constructed hotel is not always worth trying, but in this list, everything must be interesting:

10. The Dorchester, Oliver Messel Suite: $ 4,900 per night

How to spend $ 4,900 just for a warning? You need to pay this amount to stay at the Dorchester Hotel. The location is in The Heart of London and Psitoned on Seventh Floor, which is worth to be most expensive hotels in London.

9. Sheraton Park Tower, Lowndes Suite: $ 5,800 per night

If you are okay with spending $ 6000 for the hotel, you can get the experience in the Sheraton Park Hotel. This Hotel Boasts an Impressive Panoramic Skyline Few but Good Measure is why this hotel is costly.

8. The Berkeley Pavilion Conservatory Suite: $ 6,600 per night

Fancy Living in The Berkeley, part of the Pavilion Conservatory Suite, is exciting. These Hotels have Become the most expensive hotels in London, with various features and Many Perks available at this Luxurious Hotel.

Fancy living with sp on a cocktail in a private pool with a private roof terrace. You can also browse the web with the iPad room provided. The Berkeley Pavilion Conservatory Suite needs to be tried by paying around $ 6,600, but it is worth it too.

7. The Ritz, The Prince of Wales Suite: $ 7,300 per night

The Ritz is Pure Self Indulgence, and you will feel the maximum relaxation of arriving here. Luxury Suite and You Cant Unwind It. Don’t Forget also if in 10 most expensive hotels in London presents The Butler’s Kitchen, which is a set of matching marble bathrooms.

You will need to pay about $ 7,000 for one night here. But it features two bedrooms, a dining room, and a drawing room. Even what makes this hotel more unique is the in Infront of the Bathtub; there is a TV you can watch while relaxing while bathing.

6. Claridges, The Brook Penthouse Suite: $ 7,550 per night

Luxury and Comfort are the two central values carried by Claridges. This Hotel also gives you your private butler, and you can enjoy their service in the individual bar. The Claridges also add complimentary airport transfers in a Luxurious Mercedes S-Class for Guests.

5. The Mandarin Oriental, The Royal Suite: $ 8,700 per night

Now there are in the Top most expensive hotels in London. For a cool $ 8,700, you can be up to the royal suite at Glorious Mandarin Oriental in London’s Knightsbridge. With all the results provided in this hotel, you can live like a real king and queen.

You can entertain yourself on the rooftop terrace catering to up to 40 guests. There is also the Steam Room Khhusus, which is the facility that makes it more feasible to be in the Top 10 Most Expensive Hotel. But you will need the reservation first before staying at this hotel.

4. The Savoy, The Royal Suite: $ 9,050 per night

The Savoy at The Roya Suite ranks 4th in the most expensive hotels in London. The Riverside Views, not only in London but throughout the world. AT $ 9,000 per night, you can look out ONTO the London Eye Too, with a Lavish Dining Area, Butler Service, and others.

3. The Langham Infinity Suite: $ 10,200 per night

Langham has long been known as a driver in the hospitality world. The industry run by Langham already exists in many countries, and London is the best one. The 10,200 Night Hotel Room Offer You Clamp that will never be forgotten.

The Langham also became the Top 3 most expensive hotels in London because of The Decadent Infinity Batch, Exclusive Spa, and many other luxury facilities. But, in the 10,200 per night room, you can get the two-bedroom suite.

2. The Lanesborough, The Royal Suite: $ 13,200 per night

Overlooking Buckingham Palace, The Landsborough is located directly on the Hyde Park Corner Hotel. You can take advantage of three bedrooms and many other areas to play in. This hotel room has dining rooms, kitchen study rooms, and super luxurious floors.

1. The Intercontinental Park Lane, The Royal Suite: $ 20,000 per night

On top of the most expensive hotels in London, you need to pay up to $ 20,000. Since 1975, The Intercontinental Park Lane has welcomed guests, including the Royal Suite. No wonder the facilities are presented with a service that has made it even more enjoyable.

The Intercontinental Park Lane also provides 4 interconnecting rooms that are suddenly transformed into a large five-bed palace. With views overlooking Psley House, Hyde Park, and Knightsbridge, this is an additional factor that makes people want to stay here.

London is a super city that is appropriate for you to live in, even for holidays. But for those who want to live in London, try the experience at the most expensive hotels in London Too because the facilities they provide are guaranteed attractive.

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