10 Most Expensive Football Player in the World

The most expensive football player in the world may be changed time by time. It depends on various aspects such as their salary and contract value.

Football itself is a super popular sport in the world. Nowadays, there are so many footballers who become really rich and can buy anything from this kind of sport.

You may see it from several online news and the lifestyle which is shared by those players. It is actually a good thing because people can be motivated, especially those who want to be a footballer.

List of 10 Most Expensive Football Player in the World

Common people are maybe just know the popular names like Christiano Ronaldo, Messi, and David Beckham as the famous figure in football. They are also known as players with high salary.

However, in this year, some names can be seen on the lists. So, here are 10 most expensive football player in the world for this year.

10. Kevin de Bruyne (26 million Poundsterling/year)

Kevin de Bruyne
Kevin de Bruyne | Source: tokopedia.com

De Bruyne has a four-year contract worth 375k per week at Manchester City. This Belgian agreed to remain together until 2025 which means that he will spend a decade with the club.

Besides that, he also has some brand contracts that include Nike, Wow Hydrate, Credit Karma, and Therabody. It is for sure that his income is really amazing.

9. Andres Iniesta (27 million pounds a year)

Andres Iniesta
Andres Iniesta | Source: fandom.id

Iniesta is one of the most expensive football player in the world right now. This player is also really famous and a lot of people become his fans.

Iniesta played for Vissel Kobe in Japan, which made him a surprising inclusion on the list. The 38-year-old is currently in his fifth season at Misaki Park Stadium after joining in 2018.

8. Eden Hazard (28 million pounds a year)

Eden Hazard
Eden Hazard | Source: www.goal.com

Eden Hazard moved from Chelsea to Real Madrid in 2019. He gets a salary of 400 thousand pounds after tax per week.

By that calculation, he took home for about 20 million pounds a year plus bonuses at the Bernabeu. Hazard still gets that although he lacked playing time with the La Liga club

7. Robert Lewandowski (31.5 million pounds a year )

Robert Lewandowski
Robert Lewandowski | Source: www.skysports.com

This one of the most expensive football player in the world is going to leave Bayern Munich to join Barcelona this summer. The Spanish League club brought the Polish forward to Camp Nou for a ransom of 42.5 million pounds.

He will receive a net salary of 8.6 million pounds in the 2022-2023 season. With that amount, then he gets paid 165 thousand pounds per week after tax.

However, his salary will jump to 215 thousand pounds per week by next season. Then it will add up again to 265 thousand per week in 2024-2025 before falling back in the final year when he is almost 38 years old.

6. Erling Haaland (35 million pounds a year)

Erling Haaland
Erling Haaland | Source: www.marca.com

Besides becoming one of the most expensive football player in the world, Erling Haaland is also one of the most productive footballers in this era. His performance is beyond amazing.

Haaland was bought from Borusia Dortmund this summer and now is playing for Manchester City. This young mandibles from Norway signed a five-year long-term contract for a fee of 51 million pounds a year last June.

City forward earns a salary of nearly a million pounds a week at the Etihad, beyond the extra money from the hat-trick he scored. In addition, The Citizens poured him down with 865 thousand Poundsterling per week.

5. Mohamed Salah (48 millions a year)

Mohamed Salah
Mohamed Salah | Source: liverpoolfc.com

Mo Salah finally agreed to extend his contract with Liverpool for three years this summer. With his new contract, the Egyptian forward gets paid double up to 400 thousand pounds per week

With that amount of money, Salah is for sure can be addressed as the fifth most expensive football player in the world. He is also really famous and has a lot of fans.

4. Neymar (78.5 million pounds a year)

Neymar | Source: www.neymarjr.com

Neymar is a Brazilian footballer who now is playing for PSG. For your information, he is paid 600 thousand pounds per week based on his contract at the Ligue 1 club which is extended until 2027.

He signed a new contract in May last year, which would see him stay until he was 35. It is a long term contract for a good footballer like him.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo ( 90 million pounds a year)

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo | Source: www.premierleague.com

Ronaldo returned to play for Manchester United for his second term and left Juventus in the summer of 2021. He signed a two-year contract at Old Trafford for a fee of 360 thousand Poundsterling per week.

CR7 always becomes one of the most expensive football player in the world. As he enters his second year, he wants his contract cancelled in order to move to a club that plays in a champion league.

That was happened on the transfer market last summer. But his desire to leave United failed. But, He is believed to be pushing for a move from Manchester United when the transfer window reopens in January.

2. Lionel Messi (108 million pounds a year)

Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi | Source: www.goal.com

Messi, who is considered as the best football player of all time, moved to PSG in the summer of 2021. He is docked to the Ligue 1 club after failing to reach a new contract agreement with the Spanish club.

At PSG, the Messi was signed for two seasons, during which his now-running contract is due to expire in June. He has earned 25.5 million Poundsterling in his first year.

Further more, he will earn 34 million pounds for his final year in Paris. He is now the second most expensive football player in the world.

1. Kylian Mbappé (115 Millions Poundsterling a Year)

Kylian Mbappé
Kylian Mbappé | Source: bola.kompas.com

Mbappe signed a new three-year contract with PSG worth 507 million pounds last May. In the deal, he pocketed a signatory fee of € 250 million.

His decision to stay in Paris was in the spotlight. It is because he was previously believed to be moving to Real Madrid after the previous season failed to move.

According to a report, Real Madrid actually also pushed an offer with fantastic value. But he ultimately did not move to the that club due to various considerations.

Mbappe is the most expensive football player in the world right now. Before, this position is always taken by several names such as Christiano Ronaldo and Messi.

However, era is always changed and some new names can appear someday. One thing for sure is that the figure must have a great skill and experience.

It is especially the skills needed by a club. Well, it is really exciting to find out who is the next most expensive football player in the world.

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