10 Most Expensive RC Cars in the World to Play with

RC car is a fun game to be played by everyone, but did you know that there is a list of 10 most expensive RC cars in the world? If not, then you can listen to our discussion about this. One of the most loved games by boys RC cars. RC car is a toy in the form of a car or other vehicle that can be driven using a remote via a specially designed radio signal.

Even though it is synonymous with children, nowadays RC car enthusiasts come from various age groups. In fact, it’s not uncommon for adults to play RC cars with their friends on weekends or off work.

Because the fans come from various age groups, it is not uncommon for RC cars to be quite expensive. This type of RC car is included in the type of hobby or competition in which it has various excellent features that ordinary RC cars certainly don’t have.

For this reason, on this occasion we will provide a discussion of the 10 most expensive RC cars in the world that you can buy and play with your children or with your friends when the weekend arrives.

10 Most Expensive RC Cars in the World

Toy cars, aka toy cars, are quite a lot of variety. Starting from 1:64 scale diecast or smaller than that, to radio control (RC). For RC, there’s not just one. There are those that only use AA size batteries, to those that use mechanical and electrical systems like real cars.

The more complex the system that works on the toy car, of course, the more expensive it will be. Even for ordinary people, this price seems unreasonable because it is indeed a very expensive price and is close to the price of a real vehicle.

Because of this price, collectors also make the most expensive RC cars in the world an investment because the prices will continue to increase and of course there are so many items on the market.

Are you one of the collectors of these expensive RC cars? If so, then you can listen to our discussion for you to make reference to the RC cars that you already have and don’t have.

10. Traxxas XO-1

Traxxas is famous for several models of remote control cars sold almost all over the world. And one of the most famous of them is the Traxxas XO-1. This homemade RC car has even been named the most advanced and fastest remote control car in the world.

Because these toy cars can accelerate up to speeds of 160 km/hour from a standstill in just about 5 seconds. This car is sold for up to US $ 640.37 and is included in the list of the most expensive RC cars in the world.

9. Tamiya TG-10

If you think Tamiya only makes toy cars without a remote, then you are wrong. Because they also have RC cars which are also included in the discussion list, which are sold for around US$ 704.41.

But unfortunately by paying that much you will only get RC cars with the most standard models and of course very boring. For that you have to upgrade several parts to make them cool RC cars.

8. Kyosho Inferno MP10

The next most expensive RC cars in the world is the Kyosho Inferno MP10 which costs US$768.45.Besides Tamiya,kyoshowhich is also a toy manufacturer from the State of Sakura has a modelworld’s most expensive remote control carthrough the Inferno MP10 type.

Even though the price tag is as high as a motorbike, Kyosho Inferno has the biggest sales of remote control cars in the world. That’s because this car has won various international RC competitions so its ability is no longer in doubt.

7. Hot Bodies Racing E817

If RC cars for competition usually use nitro fuel, Hot Bodies Racing E817 still relies on electric power. But make no mistake, even though it only uses electric batteries, this car is famous for being fast on the race track.

There are also some owners of this car who turn it into a gas engine so that it can go much faster. Therefore this car is sold at a price of US $ 1,152 and is included in the discussion list this time.

6. Tamiya XB Hornet Black

Another most expensive RC cars in the world is the Tamiya XB Hornet Black which is one of the most popular RC cars by collectors and fans of the world’s RC cars. Are you a fan of this car?

These RC cars are very limited and have differences compared to other types of Tamiya Hornet. This car is priced at US $ 1344.78 and the price will continue to rise given the limited supply.

5. Kraken Vector 5

You could say the Kraken Vekta 5 is the biggest remote control car in the world. Because RC cars usually use a scale of 1/10 or 1/8, this RC car from Kraken is 1/5.

Because of the jumbo size and the detailed components used in these RC cars, the price of this toy is also expensive and is included in the list of the most expensive RC cars in the world. For that this car is sold at prices up to US $ 2497.

4. Freely Tero

The next most expensive RC cars in the world sells for US$4,930. With that much money, of course, you can buy a real used car that is still in good condition. This car is not for use in competition or as a private collection, but this remote control car can be used to assist in the video shooting process.

3. Cinegears RC 4×4 VR Gimbal Car

This RC car has the same function as freely tero, namely as a place to put the camera in the video shooting process. This RC is commonly used by professionals to make various interesting films and videos.

Cinegears is included in the list of the most expensive RC cars in the world and is ranked third and sells for US$ 7,875.

2. HSP RC Car 4WD Road Buggy Nitro

If you’ve ever watched the Toy Story movie, this car is one of the inspirations for the RC car driven by Woddy and Buzz. So it’s only natural that these RC cars are sold at prices reaching US$ 9,350.

1. Kyosho Lamborghini MuRCielago

This Lamborghini MuRCielago replica RC car made by Kyosho is priced starting at US$249,744! If the buyer chooses special colors, for example on the bodywork, tires or wheels used, then the price can be much more expensive.

All the RC cars that we have mentioned above have high prices because of the quality and availability of these RC cars. the most expensive RC cars in the world what number is your favorite?

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