10 Most Expensive Fish in the World

When shortlisting the 10 most expensive fish in the world, there are several factors to consider. Tuna and sharks are often sold at high prices, and both fish are usually sold for food and have volatile prices.

In this post, we will focus on some fish that are sold at crazy prices as pets. The consideration can be the usual price for the animals that are never paid for another one.

For example, a Polka Dot Stingray was sold at $100,000 just because of its unique U-shaped head. Even though it is beyond the normal price of the animal which is around $1,500, it won’t be included in this list.

The same case applied to the Peppermint Angelfish that cannot make a list although it was offered at $30,000 as the aquarium refuse the sale. Let’s see the list of those who can make the cut.

10 Most Expensive Fish in the World

It is fascinating to see the various shapes and colors of these expensive creatures. Have you ever imagined which one is the most expensive? Keep reading to know further.

10. Clarion Angelfish

Clarion Angelfish
Clarion Angelfish | Source: kidadl.com

This animal is a beautiful saltwater specimen mainly found on the coast of Mexico. It is bright orange with beautiful electric blue stripes. Its maximum length is eight inches.

Most people might be surprised to know that this fish has a price tag of around $2,500. However, this is just number 10 on our 10 most expensive fish in the world list.

9. Wrought Iron Butterflyfish

Wrought Iron Butterflyfish
Wrought Iron Butterflyfish | Source: www.australiangeographic.com.au

Holding the ninth position is the Wrought Iron Butterflyfish. This animal is associated with an unusual metallic appearance. Native to Japan, this animal looks like a crossed iron fence.

Compared to other butterflyfish species, it is less colorful. The only bright color that it has is a light yellow on its back half and tail. They are valued at $2,700.

8. Flathead Perch

Flathead Perch
Flathead Perch | Source: reefs.com

This animal is native to Australia and has a price tag of $5,000. When they are young, their coloration is striking, softening into yellow and blue stripes.

These colors spread from their mouths to their tails once they mature. The length of this one of the most expensive fish in the world can reach six inches.

7. Neptune Grouper

Neptune Grouper
Neptune Grouper | Source: plugon.us

This creature has several names such as goldbar grouper, the Japanese cod, and the garish hind. The reason behind its price tag of $6,000, apart from its rarity, is its black spots and stunning coloration.

The groupers have a yellow color combined with stripes and pinkish-orange is eye-catching. Another reason is the fact that they are difficult to catch alive as they have a high possibility of death from rapid decompression.

6. Platinum Alligator Gar

Platinum Alligator Gar
Platinum Alligator Gar | Source: aquadiction.world

This one is the only freshwater entry in our most expensive fish in the world. Their habitat is mostly found in parts of Mexico and the Southern United States.

However, they are now decreased by overfishing. Their lengths can reach up to 10 feet in the wild. They are commonly valued at $7,000 even though some have been purchased three times more expensive.

5. Golden Alligator Gar

Golden Alligator Gar
Golden Alligator Gar | Source: twitter.com

Not so far from its platinum cousin, this number five of the 10 most expensive fish in the world is valued at around $7,000. Usually, their length can reach six feet with interesting colors of bright golden yellow-orange.

In every 10,000 Alligator Gar, this unique rare coloration is owned by about one. They pose no danger to humans though they have very sharp teeth unless people eat their eggs as they are toxic.

4. Golden Basslet

Golden Basslet
Golden Basslet | Source: www.algaebarn.com

Next on our most expensive fish in the world list is a creature with golden coloring found in near Cuba. Its color is not primarily purple but golden orange, with hints of black and purple as well.

It is not the same as other basslets. It is small and has a length of just under three inches. If you want to have one, you need to pay $8,000 which is almost $3,000 for one inch.

3. Bladefin Basslet

Bladefin Basslet
Bladefin Basslet | Source: www.ocdreefs.com

The next member of the most expensive fish in the world has a small body. Its length is only one and a half inches. This white and orange striped fish is found in the Atlantic Ocean and cost $10,000 each.

2. Masked Angelfish

Masked Angelfish
Masked Angelfish | Source: www.ocdreefs.com

The runner-up among expensive fish on our list is Masked Angelfish. Its name is associated with the marking around its eye which can be pulper, black, or yellow, depending on its type.

They live in the depth of Kauai, Hawaii. As their place is so deep in the sea, they used to be harder to catch, but it becomes easier nowadays as there is a captivation for them.

You can get one by paying from at least $8,000 to $20,000. It takes several of the most expensive fish in the world to match the price of this second-list animal.

1. Platinum Arowana

Platinum Arowana
Platinum Arowana | Source: arowanaparadise.com

Known as the Scleropages formosus or Asian Arowana, sometimes referred to incorrectly as a Dragon Fish, it costs $400,000. By buying this, you will definitely have the most expensive fish in this world.

There are several facts you need to know about this number one of the most expensive fish in the world. The international trading of Platinum Arwana is illegal as it is listed in CITES Appendix I.

The Asian Arwana was largely consumed in the 70s and due to the loss of natural habitat and overfishing, the species was an endangered one. They can live more than 60 years in the wild.

In the United States, these rare animals among the most expensive fish in the world are actually banned. The rarest species is platinum coloring. Their length can reach up to three feet.

Now you know about those expensive animals and you may be interested in one of them. They are exotic to e decorations or pets at your home.

However, it is important to bare in mind that the costs to get them are may worth other things that are more essential for life. Be wise if you want to buy the 10 most expensive fish in the world.

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