10 Most Expensive Cheese in the World

It turns out that cheese also has its list of the most expensive cheese in the world. From the existing options, it makes the cheese that you usually consume feel cheap. Be sure if you choose the cheese that tastes the most delicious.

Cheese almost everyone loves this, and it comes in various tastes and textures. Made from milk from cows, goats, sheep, luxury truffles, and gold flakes, it instantly becomes an expensive cheese. Although expensive, this cheese will look worth it.

There are about 1800 different types of cheese worldwide, divided according to different flavors, colors, textures, and shapes. The existing cheese also comes with a hefty price tag or a cheap one, depending on the amount and texture.

The best available cheese needs to be adjusted with the appropriate manufacturing technique. It should also be noted that expensive cheese is usually not made from cow’s milk but from goat’s milk or sheep’s milk.

List of 10 Most Expensive Cheese in the World

The cheese industry is growing, and people are buying more and more cheese these days. High-end and luxury cheeses are increasing every year, and cheese in the modern world has a unique taste too, so this is the list of the 10 most expensive cheese in the world:

10. Cacio Bufala – $43/Pound

Cacio Bufala
Cacio Bufala | Source: lecheese.app

There’s a lot of cheese, and the industry has a total value of 92 billion USD. Some referred to this cheese as Cacio di Bufala, a typical Italian name. This cheese is drum-like in appearance, featuring a delicate. A smooth texture is something special about this cheese.

Cacio Bufala is often used in pizza and is served with a glass of wine. So, for this cheese, a unique manufacturing process with an aromatic scene with a smooth texture instantly makes it one of the most expensive cheese in the world that you can buy.

9. Beaufort d’Ete – $45/Pound

Beaufort d'Ete
Beaufort d’Ete | Source: www.fromi.com

For $45, you’ll only get 1 pound of Beaufort d’Ete. This is one of the cheeses produced in France that many cheese lovers have praised because of its smooth texture.

What makes this cheese so expensive and so top 9 in the most expensive cheese in the world is that it has been quickly popular since the French Revolution, which means it has been famous for a long time. In addition, this cheese is also produced in limited quantities.

8. Winnimere – $48/Pound

Winnimere | Source: blog.murrayscheese.com

Number 8 is Winnimere at $48 per Pound. This is a seasonal American cheese from soft-washed raw milk. This cheese has a unique texture with tastes of bacon, mushroom, sweet cream, and spruce, making it a complete cheese.

7. La Luna – $55/Pound

La Luna
La Luna | Source: thecheesewanker.com

La Luna is also a cheese produced from goat’s milk made by Holy Goat at the Sutton Grange farm in Victoria. There are only about 120 goats here, so the production is also less. What makes it the most expensive cheese in the world is its rarity.

These goats are fed like local grasses and shrubs, and their owners hand milk these goats to provide the highest quality milk. La Luna, this signature cheese, is also famous for its wrinkly Geotrichum rind, which is sure to be dominant on the tongue of the person who consumes it.

6. Rogue River Blue – $56/Pound

Rogue River Blue
Rogue River Blue | Source: www.cheeseconnoisseur.com

Rogue River Blue is also a seasonal cheese made in Oregon, USA. This is genuinely original blue cheese named for World Champion Cheese at the World Cheese Awards in Italy in October 2019 with a fudgy, rich texture and amazing aroma.

At around $56 per Pound, this makes it one of the most expensive cheese in the world. Ranges of flavors can be felt in this cheese, such as toffee, blackberry, vanilla, hazelnut, chocolate, and also bacon.

5. Bitto Storico – $150/Pound

Bitto Storico
Bitto Storico | Source: luxeadventuretraveler.com

Bitto Storico is an exceptional choice for people who love the taste of cheese. The incredible taste of this cheese is coupled with alcoholic flavors, making it one of the best. It would be best if you went to Lombardy, Italy, right away to get a taste of one of these unique cheeses.

4. White Stilton Gold – $355/Pound

White Stilton Gold
White Stilton Gold | Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

While Stilton Gold put edible gold leaf in its list of ingredients, this is the cheese that comes directly from rural England. Made from cow’s milk, this hefty price tag is due to the glistening gold flakes on its surface.

The long aging process, rich taste, and extraordinary aroma make this cheese special. In addition, with elements such as cow’s milk, this cheese is produced with a creamy layer that runs through its core and is worth it to be the most expensive cheese in the world.

3. Algost (Moose Cheese) – $500/Pound

Algost (Moose Cheese)
Algost (Moose Cheese) | Source: www.livepeople.fr

In order of 3 of 10 most expensive cheese in the world, we include the name Algost or Moose Cheese. You can get this cheese for about $500 per Pound. Cheese lovers are believed to be addicted to this cheese originating from Sweden.

This cheese variation is produced by Elk House in Sweden and is famous for its milky taste. However, what makes it one of the most expensive cheeses in the world is its special milk selection, which is only produced around 300 kilograms per year.

2. Pule – $600/Pound

Pule | Source: www.theceomagazine.com

Pule cheese is produced from donkey’s milk and is only available in Serbia or Montenegro. Donkeys give off very little milk, and only a little pule cheese can be made. Pule cheese prices range from around $600 per Pound to be most expensive cheese in the world.

Pule is famous for having a very high vitamin C content. Because it is number 2 in the 10 most expensive cheese, people start looking for Pule Cheese. Not for consumption but also collection.

1. Queso Cabrales – $2800/Pound

Queso Cabrales
Queso Cabrales | Source: carniceriasrodera.com

It’s not complete without discussing the most expensive cheese ever, which comes from a Spain resort. They produce cheese that goes through a maturation process for 6 months in caves. And he sold it for about $16.142 for 5.78 lb.

Cheese has a unique taste, and the chance to taste that perfect cheese is not easy. You may need to pay a higher rate for this. But the most expensive cheese in the world guarantees you will taste real cheeses at real prices.

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