10 Most Expensive Coffee in the world

Everyone loves coffee, and the 10 most expensive coffee in the world are no exception. We will sort the appropriate coffee beans for you to buy. Have you ever heard of Black Ivory or Kopi Luwak? Are they the highest in the coffee world?

Coffee, who doesn’t like that? Coffee has become one of the mandatory drinks for everyone because it has caffeine and makes people who have problems with consciousness problems. Especially for those who like to sleep, coffee will be one of their saviors.

Usually, we will collect a little money to buy coffee every day, whether it’s buying ready-made coffee or coffee from beans. Therefore, it is unsurprising that some set aside more expensive money to buy the coffee beans they like.

Are you the type of person ready to buy huge sums of money for something you like? If so, then you need to get a chance to buy expensive coffee too. It feels different and, of course, has its characteristics.

10 Most Expensive Coffee in the world

Expensive Coffees are considered to have unique characteristics, whether it’s in taste, smell, or even color. This uniqueness also makes people willing to buy inexpensive coffee quantities. But for now, what exactly are the 10 most expensive coffee that you can buy?

10. Guatemalan Geisha

Guatemalan Geisha
Guatemalan Geisha | Source: pullandpourcoffee.com

Guatemala Geisha, coffee originating from the Neuva Granada farm, located in San Marcos with an altitude of 5,000 feet. This coffee plantation is close to Tacana and Tajumulco volcanoes, so it is not surprising that the farm’s location is very fertile.

The volcanic soil gives Guatemalan Geisha Coffee a chocolatey and nutty taste. In addition, this coffee, included in the most expensive coffee in the world, has accents of bergamot and mandarin. The Guatemalan Geisha coffee costs around $42 per pound.

9. Nepal Himalayan Lalitpur Coffee

Nepal Himalayan Lalitpur Coffee
Nepal Himalayan Lalitpur Coffee | Source: kathmandupost.com

Nepal Himalayan Lalitpur Coffee is grown on the Greenwell Organic Farm in Nepal. This includes the bean, which won the award for best gourmet coffee. The price is also quite pricy, at around $48 per pound, but all of this is worth it.

8. Swiss Water Decaf Kona

Swiss Water Decaf Kona
Swiss Water Decaf Kona | Source: koacoffee.com

Swiss Water Decaf Kona is a drink that promises to taste like coffee but contains no caffeine. And the Swiss Water method also promises to be 100% chemical free, and the process is only by making beans and percolating them through charcoal.

Of course, being at number 8 in the 10 most expensive coffee in the world, there must be something special. It costs around $56 per pound, but it’s pretty good because, for people who want coffee but can’t stand caffeine, it’s perfect.

7. Peaberry Hawaiian Kona

Peaberry Hawaiian Kona
Peaberry Hawaiian Kona | Source: happycake.com

Peaberry Jawaiian Kona is also a drink that comes from handpicked coffee cherries. Coming from Hawaii, the authentic one has a higher price, around $45 to $88 per pound, which is considered a medium roasted champagne of most expensive coffee in the world.

6. Jamaica Blue Wallenford

Jamaica Blue Wallenford
Jamaica Blue Wallenford | Source: www.thepinnaclelist.com

Jamaica Blue Wallenford has also become one of the most famous coffees in the world. Jamaica Blue can be expensive because the demand is very high. Coming directly from the farm, located in Jamaica’s mountains, makes it more prosperous and more aromatic.

Jamaican Blue Coffee produces the world’s highest mountain-grown coffee at an altitude of about 7000 feet. What makes it a top 6 in the 10 most expensive coffee in the world is the intense flavor, balanced acidity, and spice coffee which tastes richer than others.

5. El Salvador Santa Ana

El Salvador Santa Ana
El Salvador Santa Ana | Source: tanamatales.com

Have you ever heard the name El Salvador Santa Ana coffee bean? For those who first hear the word of this coffee, the price reaches hundreds of dollars per pound. Its trademark is the fruity taste and chocolate, and there are some unique options to guarantee freshness.

4. Ospina Dynasty

Ospina Dynasty
Ospina Dynasty | Source: luxtionary.com

Ospina Dynasty is also the oldest family-owned coffee in the world. It entered the top most expensive coffee in the world. It was discovered by Don Mariano Ospina Rodriguez, who later became President of Colombia in 1857.

This coffee tastes like Arabica Typica beans which are famous for being rare. It is handpicked and sundried, so the flavor is more pervasive. Ospina Dynasty coffee has a mild taste. So we can say that this coffee is worth the high price tag!

3. Haicienda La Esmeralda

Haicienda La Esmeralda
Haicienda La Esmeralda | Source: claritycoffee.com

In 3rd place, with a total price of about 350 dollars per pound, there is Hacienda La Esmeralda. This is a coffee harvested from the Gesha tree, one of the most prized varieties of the coffee plant. So don’t be surprised if this is superior for the most expensive coffee in the world.

Hacienda LA Esmeralda coffee is seasonal and is known for its high prices. But everyone said that the exceptional taste and quality made it worth it. The high cost of making also makes this coffee a little more expensive.

2. Kopi Luwak

Kopi Luwak
Kopi Luwak | Source: www.ebay.com

In 2nd place in the 10 most expensive coffee in the world comes from the Indonesian coffee bean, namely Kopi Luwak. It costs about $600 per pound and is a unique type of coffee.

Named for the Luwak or Asian Palm Civet, you must experience this exceptional coffee even though it smells a bit. The civets have a particular love of coffee cherries.

The digestive tract and natural fermentation process produce coffee beans from the civets. Because the price is high, there is controversy in the manufacturing process because several Luwak Farms force mass production of it.

1. Black Ivory

Black Ivory
Black Ivory | Source: ventured.com

It is first produced in Thailand and is one of the most challenging coffee beans you can obtain. The excessive price tag also makes it the most expensive coffee in the world. Bean from Black Ivory is costly because it involves elephants, similar to Luwak.

Through the slow digestion process, the coffee bean also ends up being a bean again. But this is often chewed up or broken along the way, so it becomes a tiny batch. The Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation also confirms the production of Black Ivory, so it is ethical.

Coffee is not very expensive unless you buy something more expensive. The more expensive coffee has a unique taste, color, and aroma. And back ivory is now at the top of the top 10 most expensive coffee in the world.

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