10 Most Expensive Koi Fish in the World: Types Ever Sold

Many people need to realize that the most expensive koi fish in the world can touch prices of up to millions. In comparison, the nature of koi fish is known as something peaceful and friendly. However, only some are aware that this creature can be incredibly expensive.

Until now, the most expensive koi fish is Kohaku koi. Meanwhile, there are around 100 koi fish, and check out the ranking to find out which is more costly. No one is sure that koi fish can be one of the world’s most expensive types of fish.

If we check the closest relative, Koi fish have been around for 20 million years. The record believes that the koi fish trend has emerged since the 19th century. But since then, various factors have made the types of koi fish even more varied.

Koi fish come in a variety of colors, sizes, and patterns. Over the years, Japanese koi breeding practices have led to the emergence of expensive types of Koi. It leads to even brighter, more colorful, and more vital fish compared to other domestic koi populations.

Types of the 10 Most Expensive Koi Fish in the World

For ordinary people, Koi may only be distinguished by its pattern. Only a few realize that Koi is further divided into various types with different prices. Therefore, take a look at this list of the 10 most expensive koi fish in the world, such as:

10. Kikokuryu – $2,000

Kikokuryu is distinguished by its metallic silver bodies and bright splashes of bright orange. This Koi is also classified as very attractive, although not the most expensive. This specimen commands a premium with good size and can easily fetch over $2,000.

9. Beni Kikokuryu – $2,000

This still belongs to the Kikokuryu family with the same maximum price. Called the Beni Kikokuryu, this later became number 9 on the most expensive koi fish in the world. A variety of colors, white, black, blue, and silver, is the hallmark of this fish.

Beni Kikokuryu is also known for its wonderfully lustrous body and an almost metallic sheen. The main feature of this fish is the ability to change color depending on environmental factors. If it has a healthy glow and an attractive coloration, it can cost up to $2,000.

8. Ogon Koi – $8,000

We can guarantee that everyone will love this type of Koi. With their lustrous sheen, brilliant shade of gold, and distinctive black lining around each scale, this type of fish will bless your pond more. Per fish, you need to pay upwards of $8,000.

7. Shiro Utsuri – $10,000

Shiro Utsuri is known for his shimmering black body with unique white, orange, or yellow splashes. Utsuri is also a firm favorite with koi enthusiasts. Patterns vary considerably, and it is common to see a Utsui utterly different color on their lower half to the top half.

Enter the top 7 of the most expensive koi fish n the world; the prices also vary. But don’t be surprised if you s a large, well-colored specimen fetches around $5,000 to $10,000. What makes fish unique is the balance of white and black scales with ideal patterning.

6. Kumonryu – $15,000

The Kumonryu Koi Fish is also similar to the Shiro Utsuri breed, which is famous for its black and white scales. However, Kumonryu tends to fall in long lines along their body length. Many Kumonryu specimens sell for up to $15,000, but this is a more challenging breed.

5. Doitsu – $16,000

Doitsu koi is an exceptional example of selective breeding. This is one of the most uncommon types of most expensive koi fish in the world. They have smooth skin that can exhibit various colors, are often used as a destructor and can sell for up to $16,000 per fish.

The scale-free body of Doitshu Koi is characteristic. This specific genetic mutation passed down through the generation makes this mutation relatively rare. And this is also what makes Doitsu Koi pricier than any other type of Koi in modern times.

4. Tancho Kohaku – $17,000

Tancho Kohaku resembles the Japanese flag, making it the national favorite. It has a bright white body and a bright red circle on the top of its head, which resembles the Japanese flag. Tancho Kohaku then ranks 4th in the most expensive koi fish in the world.

The Tancho Kohaku does range from 1,800 USD for a low and imperfect specimen (having a slight orange coloration on their head outside the iconic red circle). But if perfect, you will need to pay around $17,000 to get this fish in your pond.

3. Showa – $68,000

Show Koi is one of the most popular types of Koi. In no small part to its traditional appearance and long lineage, these specimens feature a mixture of white, black, and bright red-orange scales and can exhibit various designs.

Still, the hallmark of this breed is its higher-than-average percentage of black scales. Some of these Koi sell for as little as $80, but the most expensive specimens and the largest (about 40 cm) have sold for $68,0000 in the Dainichi Koi Farm auction in 2014.

2. Sanke – $342,000

Sanke comes in at number 2 on the most expensive koi fish in the world. Sanke has characteristics such as the color pattern on the fish’s head with typical black and red scales. However, this koi fish also has unique white and red-orange scales along its body.

1. Kohaku – $1.8 Million

The most expensive koi fish in the world is the Kohaku breed. This type of Koi is easily recognized due to its white body and bright orange or red splotches. The priciest specimens tend to have primarily white bodies with bands of white scales separating splashes.

The most expensive Koi is S legend, a massive specimen breed at the Saki Fish Farm in Hiroshima, Japan. This Kohaku koi was more than three feet long and sold to a Taiwanese buyer for 203 million Yen (1.8 million USD) in 2018, and it may have gone up in price now.

Koi fish are commonly known as ornamental fish. But now, the use and breeding techniques are increasingly advanced and rely on nature to make koi fish of higher quality. The emergence of the most expensive koi fish in the world will brighten up your pond.

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