10 Most Expensive Tattoos in the World: The Artists and Arts

Many people are starting to like tattoos, but how about getting a tattoo from a tattoo artist on the list of the most expensive tattoos in the world? Their art is, of course, of high value. Art poured from the creativity in their brains onto the medium of human skin.

Tattoos are no longer a symbol of rebellion or attention but have now become an artistic expression and identity of oneself. Tattoos can also be used as reminders of culture, tradition, and experience. That’s why getting a tattoo can’t be done arbitrarily.

Apart from that, tattoo artists also have benchmarks of capability according to their design. From the designs they make that help increase popularity, without forgetting the years of experience, of course. However, the work they do is, of course, not cheap,

It’s a safe bet to use the services of an expensive tattoo artist to get better work. They don’t need high titles but are measured according to their technique. They will pour paintings worth thousands or millions on your skin too!

10 Most Expensive Tattoos in the World

What you pay later are talent and reputation; that’s why some people don’t hesitate to spend thousands of dollars to get art on their skin. Inserting ink or mineral stones dermis layer of the skin becomes something very crucial.

Tattooing has been a widespread practice carried out by people with the capability. Having tattoos all over the body is no longer considered a bad symbol. If you use the services of the most expensive tattoos in the world through this artist, it can be more memorable:

10. Bob Tyrrell ($155 per Hour)

Bob Tyrrell is a tattoo artist who lives in Michigan and starts his career in his thirties. He got famous for inked Kid Rock’s back. Since then, he has been featured on the TV shows LA Ink and London Ink and participated as a jurist in the first Chaudesaigues Grant.

As one of the most expensive tattoos in the world, he participated in the 2012 Worldwide Tattoo Conference. Bob has transformed himself into a legend with this style and capacity to take darkness, worth $155 per Hour for tattoos.

9. Keith Underwood ($200 per Hour)

Keith Co-owns Austin Tattoo Company and Taylor Street Tattoo. He was raised in the tattoo world too. However, what made Keith Underwood famous was his street style art tattoo style, but you have to pay at least $200 in your pocket per Hour for all of his work.

8. Katherine Von Drachenberg Or Kat Von D ($210 per Hour)

Katherine Von Drachenberg is often referred to as Kat Von D. She is most famous for her work as a tattoo craftsman on the TLC reality shows LA Ink. The tattoo studio he founded is called KVD Vegan Beauty, and he is a tattoo enthusiast.

7. Jonathan Valena or JonBoy ($300 per Hour)

Jonathan Valena, often called JonBoy, became a tattoo artist who admired him at a very young age. JonBoy even has a series of artists who have become his regular clients, no wonder it’s the most expensive tattoos in the world.

JonBoy once inked Justin Bieber’s face. Apart from that, the artist or public figure who has been a regular client is Zayn Malik, who was utterly drawn to the micro tattoos of JoBoy. There’s also Kendall Jenner, Travis Scott, Justin, and Hailey.

6. Paul Booth ($310 per Hour)

There are no tattoo enthusiasts who don’t know Paul Booth. Even then, Paul began his tattoo journey in childhood and showed a passion for art. He developed his technical style through personal growth and experimentation.

He uses a multi-layer approach that gives his art texture and depth, which makes the paintings more realistic and visually stunning. His art style pays him $310 per Hour and makes him the top 6 on most expensive tattoos in the world.

5. Keith Scott McCurdy “Bang Bang” ($400 per Hour)

According to Keith, his best ability is his availability. He doesn’t complain about meeting at any hour and can even use his services by ordering them online. His famous clients also come from the ranks of famous artists to be most expensive tattoos in the world.

Starting from Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez, Cara Delevingne, Katy Perry, Rihanna, and Lebron James are ready to pay $ 400 per Hour for their services. With that high price, Keith Scott ranks 5th as the most expensive tattoo in the World that you can get.

4. Anil Gupta ($450 per Hour)

Anil Gupta started his career in New York in 1991 as an underground artist. He became more famous after he tattooed a replica of Leonardo Da Vince’s painting. Inkline Studio is where he works, but you have to pay $ 450 per Hour to get his services.

3. Ami James ($500 per Hour)

Ami James needs to be paid $500 per Hour, and only then will you put her art on your skin. He is an American-Israeli tattoo artist, celebrity, and entrepreneur. What makes it top 3 in the list of 10 most expensive tattoos in the world is its ability for 15 years.

He first mastered various tattoo genres and started focusing on the Japanese style of tattoo art and opening several studios, such as Live Hate, Wooster Street Club, and Five Points in NYC. He also gave apprenticeships to other artists, so many are now his admirers.

2. Scott Campbell ($1000 per Hour, $200 for the Next Hour)

Scott Campbell’s list price is $1000 per Hour, but you need to pay $200 for hours after. He focuses on curated paintings. Even his typography style with antique ornamentation makes him chosen by many famous clients among celebrities.

1. Don Ed Hardy ($1,500 per Hour)

Now we come to the first place of the most expensive tattoos in the world. With a total price of around $1,500 per Hour, this tattoo artist now has a net worth of $250 million. He is now undoubtedly a legend and a serious artist who has retired because he is around 75 years old.

Tattoos used to symbolize people known to be problematic criminals, rock stars, or any other rebel image. As for now, tattoos have become more acceptable. That’s also what makes the most expensive tattoos in the world so easy for you to find.

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