10 Most Expensive Fidget Spinners in the World You Must Have

Do you still remember the fidget spinner, apparently there is a list of the 10 most expensive fidget spinners in the world whose prices don’t make sense. Curious why the price can be expensive and what fidget spinners are included in the discussion list? Just look at the information below.

One of the games most liked by children is the fidget spinner. Fidget spinner is a toy with a quite unique shape and is played by rotating it on our fingers only.

Even though it seems very simple, in reality the fidget spinner is very fun to play. Even though it is synonymous with children, nowadays fidget spinner fans come from various age groups.

In fact, it is not uncommon for adults to play fidget spinners with their friends on weekends or off work. Because fans come from various age groups, it is not uncommon for fidget spinners to be quite expensive.

This is caused by various things ranging from product quality, material use, to the availability of the fidget spinner product. The rarer a product is, the more expensive it will be.

For this reason, on this occasion we will provide a discussion of the 10 most expensive fidget spinners in the world that you can buy and play with your children or with your friends when the weekend comes.

10 Most Expensive Fidget Spinners in the World

In 2017, a toy called fidget spinners appeared which was played by everyone, both small children and adults. Even this toy is played by people all over the world.

Because there is a certain satisfaction when holding and spinning your little Fidget Spinner. Moreover, this thing is believed to be able to make people who play it relax and can minimize the stress that most adults suffer.

A fidget spinner is a toy that has a gear in the middle and is surrounded by two or three arms to balance the load so that the fidget spinner can be rotated for a long time.

This popular toy in 2017 originally appeared in a limited version. But along with its crazy popularity, now there are various versions to meet the needs of consumers from various circles.

Generally, fidget spinners are only made of plastic, so the price is also quite affordable. But did you know that there is a list of 10 most expensive fidget spinners in the world which has a very expensive price and even unreasonable?

10. Crusaders

Crusader is a type of Fidget Spinner produced by KASFLY. This spinner has two variants to choose from. The first is made of metal, and one of them is made of titanium which is more expensive.

Not circulating in the wide market, people who are interested in this spinner must first join their Facebook group and order there. To be able to have this fidget spinner you need to spend up to US$224.

9. Turbine version

Fidget spinner turbine version 3 has a weight that is not the same as other spinners. The material used as well as the different spin mechanism that this type of fidget spinner has makes it more expensive.

Besides that, this spinner is also only made when someone orders it, so it adds to the exclusive sensation of the spinner you have. Spinner that goes into the list most expensive fidget spinners in the world It sells for US$339.

8. Tispin Prop

Having a unique shape that is like an airplane propeller, Tispin Prop is one of the most expensive spinners in the world that is included in the list of most expensive fidget spinners in the world in the discussion this time.

Interestingly, the material for making this toy is the same as the material for making airplane propellers, namely using titanium. So it’s only natural that the price of Tispin Prop is quite expensive and touches US$358.

7. Pepyakka – S

This type of spinner has multiple functions. Yes, besides being able to rotate, Pepyakka – S can also act as a mechanical puzzle machine. Apart from that, this spinner also has 20 interrelated parts. This toy is sold at prices starting at US$358 and is included in the discussion list this time.

6. Black Lotus Tri Sterling Silver

Black Lotus is a spinner designed with the theme of the dark ages. Made with qualified 3D technology, making the appearance of Black Lotus look special. Each of these spinners is equipped with a different circuit design.

The next most expensive fidget spinners in the world which are included in the discussion this time you can have with prices starting from US $ 377 and can add to your collection of unique objects or toys that belong to you.

5. Sunnytech Customized 925 Silver Fidget Spinner

Designed in such a way, Sunnytech is a perfectly balanced spinner. Because of that this thing is able to rotate very optimally. The spinner costs US$390 and is on the list most expensive fidget spinners in the world which we can easily get on the Amazon shopping site.

4. 9 gears fidget spinner

Unlike the other spinners that form a triangular formation, 9 Gear is square. This spinner has 9 interlocking gears as the name suggests 9 Gear. That is what distinguishes this spinner from other spinners, which of course gives a luxurious impression to anyone who owns it.

Even though it is not too big in size, this spinner is priced at $ 505 and of course it will continue to increase considering the limitations of the spinners that are included in the discussion list most expensive fidget spinners in the world.

3. Rotablade Superconductor Stubby Spinner and Cigar Stand

This variant is Rotablade’s most expensive spinner product. Because this spinner is made of pure titanium. Not only that, this product is the flagship of Rotablade which has a superconductor. This product is sold at a price of up to US $ 563.

2. Bathgate Artifact Spinner

Designed by an expert named Chris Bathgate, this spinner is uniquely designed, different from the others. Artifacts are hand crafted from stainless steel and brass. Claimed to be the most different spinner from the others, Artifact sells for US$595 and is included in the discussion list most expensive fidget spinners in the world.

1. Steel Flame Rings

Created by a custom jeweler in Los Angeles named Derrick Obatake, this spinner manages to become the most expensive in the world. The specialty of this spinner is that each part is done manually by hand.

With a unique design, Steel Flame Ring managed to break the $ 1216 mark and became the most expensive spinnerwhich is included in our discussion this time.

All the fidget spinners that we have mentioned above have high prices because of the quality and availability of these spinners. The most expensive fidget spinners in the world, what number is your favorite?

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